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Parteli: “Not making the playoffs is a wrong decision”

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Massimiliano Parteli

The Limana Cavarzano coach does not mince words on the decision of the FIGC. “There will be teams on vacation in March and the championship could be distorted”

“I disagree with the decision not to make the playoffs in Promotion.”

Limana Cavarzano coach Massimiliano Parteli doesn’t mince words to comment on the federation’s decision.

In the 5 Promotional rounds, the winners of the championships will go to Excellence directly, while those who win the Veneto Cup will be at the top of the repechage list. There will also be a second ranking made by the best runners-up.

«This decision is wrong», explains Massimiliano Parteli, coach of the new merger between Cavarzano and Limana, «it was probably done in this way to have more Sundays available in case you have to recover some matches, but this risks having false and useless matches. With the games already made, there is the possibility of having teams already on vacation in the last two months of the championship, which therefore would not play their best. In these cases the playoffs and playouts have always served to make everyone fight until the end. When I was playing, and there were no play-offs to go up, many teams had nothing more to ask for in the last few months and it was noticeable on the pitch ».

You just have to win the championship to go to Excellence.

«The objective of the six or seven teams that will try to finish first remains. The names are not a mystery: Fossalta di Piave, Conegliano and Julia Sagittaria. I would also include Noventa and Fontanelle in this list and I would not exclude Fiori Barp either. We? We want to try to stay on top by annoying all the teams. It will be a good fight. With only one possible result it will be on the one hand more exciting but on the other even more difficult because there will be a smaller margin of error ».

On Sunday you will make your seasonal debut at home against Conegliano that you have already faced and beaten in the Veneto Cup. What game are you expecting?

«I expect a very difficult match, we know the value of our opponent», continues Parteli, «they won the first day against Santa Lucia and put us in great difficulty in the cup. They will arrive even more aggressive having lost 3-0 undeservedly. As for us, we have some ailments in the offensive department. Radrezza and Jacopo Paier are unavailable at the moment while Del Din could come on the bench ».

On Sunday you snatched a victory in the 91st minute in Noventa.

«The important thing is to have scored three points, starting on the right foot is essential. We are aware that there are still many things to put in place, we have ample room for improvement. A win guarantees us peace of mind and peace of mind at work during the week. The worry and anxiety of having to achieve results does not help concentration ».


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