Home Sports Pasticceria Audisio folds the Sfogliatella and wins the Malisan trophy

Pasticceria Audisio folds the Sfogliatella and wins the Malisan trophy

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Pasticceria Audisio folds the Sfogliatella and wins the Malisan trophy


The first edition of the 5-a-side football Memorial Luciano Malisan, former manager of the Quincitava youth sector, held at the Montalto Dora sports facility on the occasion of the Sports Festival and organized by Rudy Santin and Mirko Garau was a success for both the public present. , with about one thousand seven hundred spectators overall, which from the point of view of the technical rate (many players came from Promotion, First category and Excellence). Directed by the referees of the ACA (Canavese Referees Association) chaired by Luigi Trompetto, the tournament started on Saturday 4 June and the spotlights went off last Sunday, 12, with the final victory of the Pastry Audisio team, who beat 6 in the final. -5 the team of the Sfogliatella. A very hard-fought and exciting game until the last second of the game, as were, for the most part, all the forty-eight games that were played. In fact, at the end of the first half, the Pasticceria Audisio was ahead 5-2, but then in the second half the Sfogliatella did not resign and led, somewhat surprisingly, the match to 5-5, before the Audisio Pasticceria score the final goal 6-5 with 2 ‘from the end of hostilities. At the start twenty-four teams, divided into eight triangular, with the first classified directly accessing the second round, while the second and third teams further clashed to determine the other eight formations that continued their race. In the semifinals, Pasticceria Audisio beat the O tir team in Giroud 10-9 after penalties (6-6 at regular time), while Sfogliatella beat the Carpe Diem team 6-4. In the final for third place, O tir in Giroud won 7-4 over Carpe Diem. Individual prizes were also assigned: best player Francesco Vergano (O tir a Giroud), goalkeeper Florjan Shera (Sfogliatella) and the title of top scorer with twenty-three goals finished to Michele Pititto (Pasticceria Audisio). Two special team-level prizes were also awarded: the palm of the fair play award went to the Los Cutriños team, while the social award went to the association of La Detail Fc. –

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