Home Sports Pavia chasing the blitz in Muggiò The Academy is looking for the first points

Pavia chasing the blitz in Muggiò The Academy is looking for the first points

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Pavia chasing the blitz in Muggiò The Academy is looking for the first points

Azzurri away after three home games in a row, Radaelli and Trajkovic in doubt The red and white host Giussano, the other team still at zero in the standings


«It is the first away match of the championship but our proactive attitude will have to be the same as at home matches. We know, however, that we are facing an opponent with high morale after two consecutive victories, in particular that of last Sunday on the Oltrepo field ». Thus Maurizio Tassi presents today’s commitment of Pavia to Muggiò. The defender Radaelli and the midfielder Trajkovic are in doubt at home; in attack out Stroppa (stretch that will keep him out for a couple of weeks), apart from the under Calvi. Three players play two starting shirts: Garcia should start from 1 ‘and then run-off Principe-Bigotto for the other place in attack. Moog (4-2-3-1): 1 From the Good; 2 Campanella, 5 Gandini, 6 Caferri, 3 Raffaglio; 8 Marinoni, 4 Baldan; 7 Cancedda, 9 Schiavo, 11 Cesana; 10 Personè. Herdsman Natobuono. Pavia (4-3-3): 1 Chinchilla; 2 Ferroni, 3 Ioance, 5 Concina, 6 Nucera; 8 Maione, 4 Sarzi, 10 Giani; 7 Calvi, 9 Garcia, 11 Principe (Bigotto). All. Rates. Referee: Shepherds of Busto Arsizio.

Challenge among the last in Sant’Alessio

After three games with the favorites of the group, the Academy faces Vis Nova Giussano today in S. Alessio, another team at the bottom of the standings at zero points. It is very important for the guys from Gaudio to make a full booty and get out of the last place. Psychologically, another knockout would have really worrying consequences on morale. The coach has to deal with the absences of Tomassone, Ragucci and Pasi. The first in particular is a particularly important element in the coach’s chessboard: so far he has been one of the most positive, always guaranteeing a good contribution in terms of dynamism. It will not be easy to replace it and Gaudio is thinking of more than one solution, perhaps offering some surprises also in the module.

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Pavese Academy (4-3-1-2): 1 Alio, 2 Castillo, 5 Velaj, 6 Philadelphia, 3 Bernini, 4 Provasio, 7 Salzano, 8 Maggi, 10 Laraia, 9 Zenga, 11 Dioh. All. Gaudio. Vis Nova Giussano (4-3-3): 1 Foresti, 2 D’Astoli, 5 Adobati, 6 Mantegazza, 3 Favilla, 4 Molteni, 7 Orlandi, 8 Proserpio, 10 Sarr, 9 Catta, 11 Mancosu. Herdsman Mastrolonardo. Referee: Beretta from Bergamo.

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