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Pavia restarts from Di Bella there is an agreement with the coach for next season

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In the recently concluded championship, he brought Omnia from the slums of the classification to the playoffs.


The news had been in the air for a few days, but yesterday the official confirmation arrived: Fabio Di Bella will be the coach of Omnia Basket Pavia also for next season. The company from Pavia has announced the reconfirmation on the bench of the former play of Virtus Bologna and of the national team, who had ended his career as a player two seasons ago, to dedicate himself to the boys of Here You Can, the basketball school he manages with his sister Paola. Called for his debut as head coach in a senior championship, Di Bella proved to be a happy intuition of the Pavia management, reviving the fortunes of a team that, on the occasion of its first training session on December 26, struggled at the bottom of the standings with a race won and three lost. Di Bella, 42, managed to revitalize the Riso Scotti Punto Edile, capable of closing the season with a brilliant score of 13 wins in 18 games and hitting the historic landing in the playoffs (from seventh only for the goal difference). Pavia has taken away the satisfaction of overcoming formations like Piacenza and Agrigento, currently committed to play for the landing in A2, and in the first round of the playoffs making life difficult for a team equipped with blazon like Livorno which then eliminated Bernareggio and is so flew to the final promotion.

«The confirmation of coach Di Bella – comments the general manager Lele Caserio satisfied – is the starting point that we all dreamed of. Fabio represents the main foundation of the technical project for next season. We work in total harmony and we have the absolute confidence to be able to create something beautiful together ». Having resolved the coach issue, the Pavia management will begin to move on the market, even if first it is necessary to define the managerial roles and put on paper the sponsors to establish the budget for the 2021-22 year. –

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