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Pavia separates from the general manager: trust in Albertini, but results are needed

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Football, Excellence: divorce by mutual consent, Menicucci leaves after two years. Now the coach has three games to return to play off racing

PAVIA. Ettore Menicucci is no longer the general manager of Ac Pavia 1911. The divorce from the club in via Alzaia had been in the air for a few days. After his declarations on the eve of the transfer from Besozzo to Verbano, there was little space for mediation. At the end of the race he had hinted that he wanted to change the technical leadership of the team. The resumption of training with the confidence confirmed in Omar Albertini was a signal that went in the opposite direction to that hoped for by Menicucci.


On Wednesday, the blue general manager and the company proceeded to the consensual termination of their relationship. «Arriving in Pavia in the darkest moment, he was the undisputed protagonist, together with President Giuseppe Nucera, who thanks him heartily with esteem and affection, of his return to Pietro Fortunati» reads the statement.

Menicucci worked hard to resolve the dispute with the Municipality that saw Pavia in exile in Trezzano sul Naviglio for a year (for past debts inherited from the previous management). championship training, however, initially in Borgarello. Then also the training had moved as a venue on the fields adjacent to Fortunati.

The press release also reiterates the economic aspect of the termination agreement with AC Pavia which, until next June 30 (term of Menicucci’s contract), the now former CEO will receive the amount due.

Yesterday the players returned to training for the second weekly session and today they will observe the usual Thursday of rest. Then the last training sessions will be as usual on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. On Sunday the second consecutive trip to Vergiate for Pavia, which after an excellent start of the season between the championship (two debut victories) and two rounds in the Italian Cup there was a sharp halt in results and performances. Two points in the last four games with two defeats in Castano Primo and Besozzo have opened a crisis that led to a corporate confrontation which was resolved yesterday with the “divorce” with the CEO Menicucci.

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Warm days

Azzurri expected for a week of truth starting from the match in Vergiate. Then on Wednesday 3 November the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup will be played at Fortunati against the Bergamo players of Forza and Costanza and on the following Sunday there will be the home match in the league against Gavirate. A mini-cycle that must give signs of recovery, and points in the championship at Pavia, to return to relaunch itself in the promotion race: goal with many protagonists announced in a group A where currently the Azzurri have slipped to seventh place at -7 from leaders Castamese .

The market

The season is still long, but we must no longer leave points on the road and find the game and results again. On the market front, the first seasonal step for transfers will close on Friday 5 November. Apart from the released players, who can always be registered, the winter repair window for amateur football will then open from 1 to 30 December. We still need some Under and some players in defense.

Enrico Venni

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