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Pereyra is the best signing: since yesterday the Argentine has resumed training with the group

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The few hours elapsed from training in which Roberto Pereyra returned to shooting yesterday in the group at Bruseschi were enough, confirming the progress towards the desired early return that perhaps will bring him back to the bench on Sunday in the match against Turin, at the close of the market. in the evening, to understand that the best engagement in the bianconeri’s midfield, after the January trading session, will be the “Tucuman”.

Okay, maybe the fans will miss the appeal of the new name with which to ignite the imagination, looking for new geometries in the median, but in practice the club and the coach Gabriele Cioffi know well that the recovery of a silent leader like Pereyra can be hard cash in terms of reliability and concreteness, without forgetting the knowledge of the Juventus events matured by the 31-year-old Argentine since last season, when he returned from Watford. As if to say that the “Tucu” will certainly not need the acclimatization phase necessary for any new grafting, an advantage that Cioffi will have to exploit above all, for which it will instead be a new purchase in all respects. Yes, because when Pereyra fell on his left shoulder, dislocating his collarbone last November 28, in the 15 ‘of Udinese-Genoa, Luca Gotti was still sitting on the bench and not the Florentine coach who will now have the task of relocating him to the median, removing a mezzala between the Turkish Tolgay Arslan and the French Jean Victor Makengo.

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This is the prospect, while now it is only a question of establishing when, if already with Toro for some remnant of the game, or in Verona on Sunday 13 February, a date that at the moment remains the most plausible reference. Short times therefore, and shortened compared to the first forecasts that projected him to return between the end of February and the beginning of March, and this is because Pereyra is making giant steps towards the complete reintegration of the activity, which will inevitably pass from the possibility of playing matches, rich of pitfalls such as falls and contrasts to which the left collarbone, now strengthened, will have to hold off. Here is the last step, which should be addressed by Thursday or Friday.

Meanwhile, yesterday the Juventus number 37 took part in all the work that saw the group divided between exercises in the gym and the “dry” work conducted on the Bruseschi fields, where the first aerobic part was followed by a focus on high speed. The ball will be back in the spotlight this afternoon. –

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