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Playing energetically and competing for the finals-Chinese women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin talks about preparations for the World Women’s Volleyball League jqknews

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Playing energetically and competing for the finals-Chinese women’s volleyball coach Cai Bin talks about preparations for the World Women’s Volleyball League jqknews

Cai Bin leads the training.

The 2022 World Women’s Volleyball League will start on May 31, which will be the debut of the new Chinese women’s volleyball team in the international arena. Cai Bin, the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, said in an exclusive interview a few days ago that the goal of the Chinese team is to play energetically and strive to enter the finals.

Good preparation for battle

In mid-April, the new Chinese women’s volleyball team assembled in Zhangzhou, Fujian, and has been training for a month so far. Cai Bin said that in the previous training period, everyone worked hard, had high self-respect, and hoped to show their demeanor. Currently, the players are in good shape.

In last year’s Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team had a poor record. Cai Bin believes that it is important to look forward. He said that the law of competitive sports is like this, one game after another. Played games are an experience that is worth summarizing, and the most important thing is to look forward.

According to Cai Bin, among several members of the coaching staff, Yuan Zhi is basically the first assistant coach. In addition, several coaches are in charge of the training of groups at different positions, Yuan Zhi is in charge of the reception group, Zhang Chen is in charge of the main attack group, Cai Bin himself is in charge of the setter group, Yu Fei and Yuan Lingxi are in charge of the free team, Li Yanlong is in charge of the sub-attack group, and The overall combination is completed by Cai Bin.

Earlier, the FIVB announced the 24-man roster for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to participate in the World Women’s Volleyball League. According to the rules, 14 people can sign up for each race, and substitutions can be made in the middle. Cai Bin revealed that this time he went abroad for more than a month, which is a long time. Due to epidemic prevention and control and other reasons, it is not convenient to return to China between the races. Therefore, there will be more than 14 people on the expedition, and the players in each position will bring enough replacement candidates, but it is impossible to bring too many. Due to the change in the allocation of seats for the Paris Olympic Games, the weight of the World Women’s Volleyball League this year is heavier than before, and the record and corresponding points are linked to the qualifications of the Paris Olympic Games. Therefore, the World Women’s Volleyball League has to consider the performance while properly training the team. At the same time, the new Chinese women’s volleyball team is a new combination of personnel, and it also takes time to run in a relatively stable lineup.

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team will participate in 3 rounds in Turkey, the Philippines and Bulgaria. Cai Bin revealed that the team plans to set off from Zhangzhou on May 26.

Yuan Xinyue is a suitable captain

When the FIVB announced the roster of the Chinese team, Yuan Xinyue’s new identity as the captain of the Chinese team was also exposed. Cai Bin said: “From the perspective of age, experience on the court, qualifications in the team and hard work in training, it is more suitable for her to be (the captain). She felt a little pressure, and I also told her not to take the captain as a burden. , Dare to fight, dare to fight and spirit are the most important, being the captain does not mean that you can’t make mistakes on the court, you still have to be bold and let go.”

In the current Chinese women’s volleyball team, Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu are the few veteran players with rich experience. Cai Bin attaches great importance to their role of “passing, helping and leading”.

“They have more experience in international competitions, and their ability to control technology is relatively strong. We will let them play according to the needs of the preparation for the Paris cycle and the needs of different games.”

Previously, the main lineup guessed by fans based on the training photos of the Chinese women’s volleyball team appeared on the Internet. Cai Bin said that online guesses may not be accurate. The general idea of ​​the Chinese team is still to take into account the training of the team and the achievement of a better ranking. Some people may be replaced in different races, but it is difficult for everyone to exercise in an all-round way. To a certain extent, this competition is also a test for these players in the international arena.

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Fighting for the finals

A total of 16 teams will participate in this year’s World Women’s Volleyball League, and the top eight teams will be shortlisted for the finals. Cai Bin said that the Chinese women’s volleyball team must first strive to reach the finals.

“Strive to reach the finals, step by step. Except for Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia, Gong Xiangyu, many players have not had many opportunities to start in international competitions before. I also hope that they will play the spirit of the women’s volleyball team first. One goal, then go and win without too much baggage.”

Cai Bin told reporters that in the previous training, the framework of the Chinese team’s tactical system has been basically formed, and the next step is to further enrich it through competitions.

“This year, we will arrange it like this: we will use games as a substitute for training, and we will use practice to promote the games. This time out, not only to play games, but also to seize the time to train in the interval between several races. We will work hard on all aspects, including Comprehensive attack and defense, comprehensive technology, etc.”

After Cai Bin became the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team this time, he said that his coaching idea is to reflect fast on a comprehensive basis. And to achieve fast and changeable play, a pass is the foundation. Cai Bin believes that the first pass depends not only on training, but also on the improvement of the psychological quality of the players.

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“We are practicing in the first pass, and there is still a problem of courage in the first pass, which is closely related to the psychological quality. After the technology arrives, I hope they can bring out what they have trained, and they still have a lot of room for improvement. The improvement of the first pass. It’s not a day or two, it needs to be accumulated.”

In the World Women’s Volleyball League competition, the Chinese team has to play 12 games against strong teams such as the United States, Brazil, Turkey, and Italy. Cai Bin said frankly that the team has made preparations and plans for possible difficult situations. At the end of the interview, he re-emphasized that the most important thing is to be energetic.

“Whether against a strong team or a weak team, you must show your energy, show the spirit of hard work and perseverance, and boost your morale. In the face of strong teams, you must have the courage to challenge, and don’t be discouraged when you encounter difficulties. Resist the pressure and move forward, and dare to show your sword when encountering a team of similar level. We will make a good team through hard work.”

According to Xinhua

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