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Pordenone, for the role of dg Lucia Buna in pole position

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Pordenone, for the role of dg Lucia Buna in pole position

It seems certain the “promotion” of the head of the financial sector of the club. For three years within the company, he has also been a municipal councilor in Cordenons

PORDENONE. Pordenone is ready to enhance another internal resource. As already happened for the position of sporting director, entrusted a few days ago to the head of the nursery Denis Fiorin, also for the role of general manager we are opting for a “promotion”.

Lucia Buna, former head of the club’s financial sector, is on pole to fill the prestigious position. The manager would take the place of Giancarlo Migliorini, who resigned at the beginning of the month and who will remain operational until the day after tomorrow, when the competitive year officially ends.

In this regard, it is not excluded that the official nature of Buna’s appointment will be made known directly on Friday 1 July.

Mauro Lovisa’s company, to restart in Serie C, therefore focuses on professionals already present in the staff. A choice dictated both by the desire to contain costs, and because we want to rely on figures who know the environment well and who do not need a period of adaptation.

If Fiorin, by the way, has been working at De Marchi since December 2015 (and in the past, before Emanuele Berrettoni, he had already been ds), Buna has been operating at the sports center in via Villanova di Sotto since June 2019. Over the years he has worked in the administration and, consequently, in close contact with Migliorini, who returned to society in the summer of 2019 (and therefore at the beginning of the adventure among the club’s cadets).

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Lucia Buna has gained a good experience not only in the football field, but also in the political one. In fact, you are the municipal councilor of Cordenons with responsibility for safety, ecological transition, environment, agriculture, animal protection, greenery and urban furniture.

Elected for the first time in 2016, it was confirmed in 2021 with the re-election of the mayor Andrea Delle Vedove. She is also engaged as a director of the Cellina Meduna reclamation consortium as a representative of the Municipalities. In the last period she was also in the running to join the council of Alessandro Ciriani in Pordenone as councilor following a reshuffle.

As a politician, she certainly does not lack diplomacy and her work in this regard will be fundamental for the aspect concerning the stadium: Pordenone will begin its season in Lignano, but in the background it will have to continue the dialogue with the administrations and the subsequent start of the work at Tognon di Fontanafredda to bring the team back to the province.

Thus the management team of lizards in Serie C is taking shape. We only await the formalization of the appointment of Gianluca Canzian as secretary of the youth sector. The latter had joined in the role in recent years Francesco Xausa, in turn promoted to general secretary of the club after the farewell of Michele Di Bari, manager who moved to the Turin nursery with the qualification of secretary.

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