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Pu Wei: It is not impossible to beat Japan or Australia, the Chinese women’s football team has a lot of space – yqqlm

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Original title: Pu Wei: Victory over Japan or Australia is not impossible, Chinese women’s football has a lot of room

A new batch of Chinese women’s football teams made their debut in front of the whole nation at the Asian Cup in India, and the 4-0 victory over Chinese Taipei was very satisfying. Judging from the content of the game, head coach Shui Qingxia guided more and tested the personnel and cooperation on the offensive end, and also showed the good mental outlook of the Chinese women’s football team, so the overall performance is commendable.

Shui Qingxia directed many old players to recall, which is a very correct choice. Her selection is very precise, and it can be said that she has penetrated to the core of what kind of athletes the competition needs. International competitions are not training grounds, they are about striving for the best results, so experienced veterans are needed to show the highest level. The return of the old players is gratifying and worth looking forward to.

Of course, it’s not that the young players are bad. The young players have their own characteristics, but the lack of experience is the key deficiency. In the competition, the player’s psychological control will directly affect her technical performance, and then it will affect the technical and tactical cooperation of the entire team. This is consistent. At the same time, Shui Qingxia is not only a former women’s football national football player, but also a women’s football coach herself. If I were an athlete, I would mentally recognize such a coach to lead us. She has a similar growth experience, has a certain height of cognition, and at the same time will improve the recognition of the players, which has laid a good foundation for the establishment of the relationship of the entire team. Coupled with Shui Qingxia’s understanding of the Women’s Super League, it is certain that this is the best staffing configuration for the Chinese women’s football team.

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The Chinese women’s football team can get tickets for the World Cup with its own strength, but it is unknown whether we can get a good place in the Asian Cup. The victory over Chinese Taipei in the first game was a predictable outcome, because there is a clear gap in strength between the Chinese women’s football team and the Chinese Taipei women’s football team, and our defensive end has hardly been tested too much. Judging from the opponents in the group stage, the Chinese women’s football team will still be the dominant side in the next two games. However, we have no way of predicting how far this team can go. When facing teams from Japan, South Korea and Australia in the knockout rounds, we will only know what level the Chinese women’s football team can show after the match starts.

There is no doubt that Japan and Australia have clear advantages, but this does not mean that the Chinese women’s football team cannot win when facing these two teams. From the analysis of the team as a whole, I think there is a difference between the real ability of the Chinese women’s football team and the current world ranking, and we have a lot of room for improvement. If Shui Qingxia can integrate the team, the formation of each game is appropriate and targeted, and we have a chance to achieve better results. Victory over Japan or Australia is not impossible, but something to look forward to.Return to Sohu, see more


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