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Qatar 2022, Brazil-South Korea 4-1, according to Vinicius, Neymar, Richarlison, Paquetà

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Qatar 2022, Brazil-South Korea 4-1, according to Vinicius, Neymar, Richarlison, Paquetà

Incredible showdown of the green-gold national team who scored 4 times in the first half with Vinicius, Neymar (from a penalty), Richarlison and Paquetà. In the second half, Seung Ho shortens. The coach of the Asians resigns

Luca Bianchin

Monday evening, dance class. Brazil beat South Korea with sensational ease: 2-0 after 13 minutes, 4-0 at the break and 4-1 at the final whistle. With many greetings to Argentina, France and anyone connected: if you talk about favourites, do not allow yourself to ignore the thrillers.

Beyond the how much, the how: it was a Brazil of the 70s, from football danced, played in joy and dances after the goal. If you only have 10 seconds, watch the 3-0: Richarlison not far from the edge of the area touches for Marquinhos, who touches for Thiago Silva, who closes the combination and puts Richarlison on goal. An enlarged triangle. Everything from before, with two central defenders in the area like Scirea and Bergomi for Tardelli ’82’s goal. They were there for a corner, but it still impresses. Not by chance, Brazil went to celebrate in front of their bench and the classic ballet of exultation was joined by coach Tite, 61 years old, white hair but very comfortable with two or three steps of samba.

the 4 Brazilian goals

The first half is the only one that deserves to be told: everything was decided there. The key was to start strong. Minute 7: Raphinha runs away from Kim Jin-Su on the right and crosses low, the Korean defense piles up in the center and Vinicius, at the far post, is alone. Control calmly – a thousand other players would have rushed the shot – and ball in the corner pocket. Minute 13: Jung Woo-Young doesn’t notice Richarlison, who comes up behind him and touches the ball.

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What should have been a postponement thus becomes a light contact with the Brazilian number 9: penalty. Neymar, with a slow run-up, makes it 2-0. You know the action of the 3-0, which came after 29 minutes, while that of the 4-0 is a concentrate of Brazil: Vinicius digs in from the wing for Paquetá, one of the best, who arrives in tow and puts him in the corner . If to all this we add three non-trivial saves by Kim Seung-Gyu on Paquetá and twice Raphinha, we understand the script of the film: Brazil, always Brazil, only Brazil.

korea bad bad

South Korea was a big disappointment. He only scored in the 31st minute of the second half with a strong shot, from long distance, by Paik Seung-Ho, who came on ten minutes earlier. Korea qualified by eliminating Uruguay and Ghana, and it wasn’t easy, but with Brazil they seemed in awe From the start. Personality, more than tactics: at the first punch, it went down. Jung Woo-Young and Hwang In-Beom, the two central midfielders, were transparent. Kim Jin-Su, the left back, made the first mistake, the snowball that unleashes the avalanche. The best gave nothing: Tottenham’s son was silent, Napoli’s Kim cut out on the third goal and in difficulty like everyone else. Only Hwang Hee-Chan was liked, who risked scoring twice, first with the match open and then in the second half.

title brazil

Brazil, on the other hand, had the bookmakers’ odds cut in half an hour: never seen so well at the World Cup. On the impetus of the great start, he also found smiles from those who struggled in other games. Raphinha dribbled past everyone and Neymar’s right ankle seems to be fine. Vinicius and Casemiro were the usual champions and Alisson made two saves on Hwang Hee-Chan and one on Son, at least two as a phenomenon. When Tite also changed the goalkeeper, with 10 minutes to go, it seemed almost too much. Friday, mid-afternoon, it will be Brazil against Croatia: buddies Modric and Casemiro opponents for one day, a great midfield against a great attack, the 2018 finalist against the 2022 World Cup favorite. Who can take time off and leave work early, run. At the end of the match, the resignation of the South Korean coach, Bento: “I said it and I confirm, I’m leaving”.

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