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Qatar’s epidemic prevention requirements far exceed Sharjah’s violators will be expelled from the competition zone

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Original title: Qatar’s epidemic prevention requirements far exceed Sharjah. Violators will be expelled from the competition.

After more than nine hours of flight, the Qatar Airways chartered flight taken by the Chinese men’s football team arrived at Doha Hamad International Airport in the early morning of the 26th. After the nucleic acid test, the team has returned to the hotel room to wait for the nucleic acid result, and the Qatar organizers have also issued a detailed epidemic prevention guide to everyone. According to this epidemic prevention guide, all teams must accept the “epidemic prevention” “Bubble” management, accept the hotel-training field-competition zone life, violators will be expelled from the competition zone.

The national team stayed at the Doha Marriott Hotel, which is also one of the several designated reception hotels provided by the Qatar Football Association. According to the intention of the Chinese Football Association, the national team finally chose this as the base camp of the Chinese team. In the Marriott Hotel, the national team will occupy 6 separate floors in the high area. These floors have independent entrances and exits and elevators to facilitate management and avoid contact with more people. In addition, the restaurant and meeting room are all independent. Related services are also mainly self-service.

The epidemic prevention process of the entire competition was drafted by the Qatar Football Association, and the 2022 World Cup Organizing Committee participated in the revision, and was finally approved by the Qatar government. The entire “bubble” plan is basically similar to the management of the AFC Champions League in 2020. All members of the delegation are in Doha. Must accept the three-point and one-line management from the training field, the competition field to the hotel, contact with irrelevant personnel is strictly prohibited, and it is strictly prohibited to participate in irrelevant social activities. Violators will be directly expelled from the competition zone with the heaviest penalty. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more

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