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Reconfirmation in sight for Mekowulu The goal is the South Tyrolean Lever

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The Treviso Basket market passes through European choices. At the end of the month, with the conclusion of all the continental championships, the participation rankings will be known: TvB, already certain of a place in the Basketball Champions League, has concrete chances of entering the EuroCup, the second European competition after the Euroleague. The closure of Khimki and Malaga’s choice to migrate to Bcl open two more doors in Ec for next season and De ‘Longhi could take advantage of it.

Participation in the Eurocup would sanction the sure confirmation of Christian Mekowulu whose termination clause will expire at the end of the month: the Nigerian is attracted by the prospect of the double weekly commitment but would prefer the second Eca cup to the Fiba competition.

In terms of confirmations, those of Imbrò and Chillo are practically certain: the latter had been probed by Fortitudo for a possible return home. A stay of DeWayne Russell is not excluded, especially if the hypothesis of separation, after two and a half years, from David Logan is confirmed, the cost of which would not be in line with the theoretically proposed sixth man role. Giovanni Vildera is also coming out, contacted by the just relegated Cantù. The new name on the notebooks is that of Alessandro Lever, 22-year-old South Tyrolean center of 208 centimeters on his return to Italy after 4 years in college in Grand Canyon. A flexible and mobile player, with an educated hand even in front of the basket, Lever averaged 13.3 points and 5.4 rebounds in his senior year in Arizona.

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