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Referees, Rocchi remains designator: “Made some mistakes but we will improve”

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Referees, Rocchi remains designator: “Made some mistakes but we will improve”

The Hague National Committee ratifies the already planned appointment. The head of A and B’s whistles is already projected to restart: “We have a busy season ahead of us”

Everything was already foreseen, but Gianluca Rocchi remains the designator of the Serie A and B referees, while for Serie C the designator will still be Maurizio Ciampi. The National Committee of The Hague, after evaluating the proposals for the appointment of President Alfredo Trentalange, resolved today in Rome the composition of the national technical bodies, the head of the technical sector and the establishment of study commissions for the training of officials and referees. for program implementation and innovation.

The word

“Being able to continue the work I had started was not taken for granted – admitted Rocchi -. I will try to take advantage of the experiences of the season just ended. It was my first year as a technical body, I certainly made some mistakes that, with more experience, I hope not to repeat. My team will improve from the point of view of quality. And this will help the growth of my boys to whom I will ask to make an effort forward, to take more responsibility. In the group there are great qualities, many talents who they can reach important goals that can make us dream. I will also ask the big internationals to lend a hand to the young players as they did in the season that has just ended. They have been an important support. A demanding season awaits us. The first days will force us to a real tour de force. There will be room for everyone and we will do everything to be up to it. ”

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More communication

Alfredo Trentalange, president of The Hague, then intervened, who on the day of the new appointments in Coverciano (1 July) had just anticipated the theme inherent in an ever greater openness of the arbitration class: “The future is made up of sharing – says Trentalange -. We must be united and all follow the same guidelines, from Orsato who will represent us at the World Cup to the referee of the last course. To be researchers you have to study, train, open communication channels and have impeccable behavior. On the pitch you have to go free, with a clear mind, following the instructions of its technical body “.

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