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Rome, flight from India canceled: landing was scheduled at 2 pm – breaking latest news

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Fiumicino airport

Rome, 30 April 2021 – First interventions by the authorities to stem the spread of Indian variant of Covid-19. It was indeed canceled the flight from a stopover ofIndia, whose landing was expected at 14 today at the airport of Fiumicino. The flight was initially scheduled to arrive at 4 in the morning, then moved to 14 and finally canceled. There Lazio region however, he had already prepared the teams Uscar to swab passengers.

Zingaretti: “Limit flows, but we have already activated Covid hotel”

Meanwhile, the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, has returned to demand the total blocking of flights from India, and so has the governor Nicola Zingaretti he explained on the matter: “We must limit the flows as much as possible and those who arrive must quarantine, even if negative to the swab. The hotels have already been activated”.

“The concern is the same as in all those countries where there have been very high rates of contagion – continued Zingaretti -. Now there is good collaboration, the government’s indications are clear”. At present the entry of Indian citizens is prohibited except for residents in Italy.

The case of yesterday

It is therefore the first flight canceled due to fears related to the Indian variant of Covid-19, after yesterday on another plane coming from India they were found 23 positive persons on 223 swabs carried out between passengers and crew. A fact that has obviously alarmed the authorities and led to today’s decision.

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