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Rome, the desperate cry from the Sfattoria degli Ultimi: “Our animals risk a horrible end”

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Rome, the desperate cry from the Sfattoria degli Ultimi: “Our animals risk a horrible end”

No way. Pigs and wild boars of the “Sfattoria of the Last“Seriously risk ending killed by electric shock. One hundred and fifty of abused and abandoned animals that the volunteers of the North Rome refuge have saved by taking care of them over the years. The ax of the Lazio TAR broke the hopes of them and of those who wished for a happy ending for the poor guests, after the ASL request for slaughter in the perspective of contrasting over the African pig. Among them there is also Dior, the pig has now become popular on Instagram for his docility and sympathy, appearing several times on the streets of Rome on the leash of his mistress, Paola Samaritani, representative of the Sfattoria. Maybe he could be the first to be shot down.

What happened

The Sfattoria degli Ultimi hosts abandoned or abused animals

In practice, on 8 August theAsl 1 notified the Sfattoria of the decision of killing of animals because they are found in the so-called ‘red zone’ (i.e. infected area in relation to African swine fever) which includes the whole Roman territory. The association contested the decision, arguing that being Dpa animals (i.e. not intended for food production) and therefore from affection, they cannot be killed according to law. The Tar, however, as the association explained in a post on the Facebook page, “has rejected the request for urgent suspension and for this reason the abatement order can become enforceable “. Even the commissioner appointed for the emergency, Angelo Ferrari, considered the request not to proceed with the slaughter of the pigs in question not acceptable because, according to ASL, the structures housing the animals were illegally occupied they animals are not tracked and there are no certifications of origin. Accusations rejected to the sender by the Sfattoria.

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The red zone

Animal activists protest outside the Sfattoria degli Ultimi against the decision of the ASL 1

What is it about? In May of this year, after the discovery of some cases of swine fever in the capital, the European Commission asked Italy to take action. Measures that have resulted in the order, signed by the Ministry of Health, to establish until 31 August a red zone which covers several areas, including the one where the Sfattoria is located north of Rome (via Arcore, Flaminia area). This means that within the red zone, all the containment measuresincluding culling, and the export ban of meat, member states and third countries.

The ‘no’ to the massacre

Numerous the appeals for support of the Sfattoria starting from petition on change.org. But also those of other associations such as Enpa, Leidaa, NLDC and Oipa that announce a tough one legal battle with the intention of transforming the suspension request into an ordinary appeal. And the appeals for support mixed with indignation have also spread via social networks where hundreds of users have ‘screamed’ against the decision of the healthcare company. In the meantime, again via social media, the Sfattoria reiterated one general mobilization to save the animals from a horrible end.

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