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Santa Maria Cilento-Martina: unexpected absences, discounted attendance

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Santa Maria Cilento-Martina: unexpected absences, discounted attendance

Splendid sunny day and almost summer heat on this Sunday in April. I go to the “Carrano” in Santa Maria di Castellabbate with the enthusiasm of seeing a new stadium and a fan base seen only in photos. The facility contains a single grandstand for locals and a small guest staircase.

The match begins and at that moment the visiting ultras enter, about eighty of them, while there is still no trace of cheering in the home sector. Shortly thereafter the Martini fans also took shape, very beautiful and colourful, supported by a lot of voice despite the scorching sun.

Minutes pass but in the home sector there is still no sign that support for the team can begin, but the visiting ultras remain who give me inspiration as they don’t stop for a second and continue with their excellent performance. The regret remains for not having seen the home ultras at work, the reasons for their absence remaining unknown to me, so it is also a gamble to speculate on the ranking position and an ever closer relegation, a specter that today’s result certainly it doesn’t push away. A celebration for the Apulian fans instead, Martina prevailed with a clear 3-0, consolidating second place in the standings, even if leaders Altamura unfortunately remained at a safe distance.

Emilio Celotto

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