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Scotti and Elachem, calendar compared in the race for the playoffs

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Until Christmas three trips to Pavia while Vigevano will have one less Alba Roero (for Omnia) and Omegna (for the ducals) the toughest opponents


The last round left scars, at least in terms of the standings: Riso Scotti Pavia defeated at PalaRavizza by San Miniato, the new lone leaders of group A; Elachem Vigevano overtaken in advance of Saturday evening by Legnano, always very strong when it has the support of the public. Moral: ducals who slide from first to second place, in good company (the same Legnano, Alba, Omegna), while the Omnia finds itself in sixth position, even if the gap from the group of viceregains is only 2 points, in one ranking that after eight days inevitably begins to crumble. Yes, the championship is still long, another 28 days to close the regular season, but the points won or lost are starting to weigh. It is true that in the playoffs the first 8 of the group qualify, so it will be enough to place yourself just above the middle of the table to make it, but the final placement will also count, to take advantage – or not – of the considerable advantage of the home factor in the Serie a direct elimination. It is therefore useful to take a look at the calendar, at least until the Christmas break (last day of 2021 on 18-19 December, then stop until 8-9 January 2022) to weigh the level of difficulty and perspectives of the two provincial formations. .

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Let’s say, in the meantime, that in the next 5 days Vigevano has one less trip than Pavia (two against three) and also 2 points of margin on the “cousins” (setting aside, for now, the point difference in case of a tied finish merit, to be reconsidered in light of the outcome of the return derby at PalaRavizza). Coach Di Bella’s team is expected for two consecutive trips to Tuscany, Sunday against Cecina (not irresistible) and then to Livorno against Libertas (more difficult, at least on paper), while the one in Piazza will host the other Livorno in the untouched Basletta (medium difficulty, the Tuscans always give a hard time) and will visit Oleggio, now the penultimate with only 2 victories. Along the way, the toughest opponents appear Alba Roero for Scotti (away on December 12), Omegna for Vigevano (away on Saturday 11).

As for the playoffs, the mechanism – it should be remembered – is similar to that of last season. First eight admitted, cross-matches with the best eight of group B (first against eighth, etc), best of five match series. –

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