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Second day of Kickers – La Sentinella del Canavese Ivrea

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The matches of the second day of the Kickers tournament were played. These are the results of the second day: Parlapà-Berlin calling 2.0 4-8; Bellaria-breaking latest news Manzia 8-7; Newteam evolution-Africa sport 5-8; Touchy Birrareal-Futsal 3-3; Albanian scaffolding-Rapid micatant 5-7; Foggia-Titi taka decorations 3-4. The classification: Berlin calling 2.0, Titi taka decorations 6 points; Birrareal, Futsal touchy 4, Albanese scaffolding, Bellaria, Rapid micatant, New team Evolution, Africa sport 3, Parlapà, Foggia, breaking latest news Manzia 0.

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