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Serie A: Napoli made no mistake, won 2-0 at Sassuolo – Calcio

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Serie A: Napoli made no mistake, won 2-0 at Sassuolo – Calcio

Sassuolo-Naples 0-2 in the first match of the 23rd day of Serie A. Spalletti’s team scored in the 12th minute with Kvaratskhelia. Doubling of Osimhen in the 33rd minute Napoli goes to +18 (THE RANKING)

Another step towards the great goal, and also the best way to approach the Champions League match against Eintracht Frankfurt. Napoli liquidates the Sassuolo practice (20th win in Serie A out of 23 matches played) and can now focus on Europe.

Spalletti, on bench number one thousandcan be more than satisfied with the form of the team and especially its star players Osimhen (a goal and a post) e Kvaratshkeli (a goal) which allowed Napoli to go to the break with a reassuring double advantage. (THE breaking latest news)

Sassuolo tried but wasn’t even lucky: Laurientè hit the post immediately after the first Neapolitan goal and only a millimeter offside prevented the same French player from closing in the 43rd minute.

Due to the well-known provisions, there were no Napoli fans in the curve reserved for guests, but from the choirs of those present at Mapei, Spalletti’s team didn’t really seem alone in this Emilian away match. And to the shy chorus of home fans, immediate boos from Neapolitan sympathizers.

Therefore, the match was not really away from home for the leaders who started with a possession of the ball that didn’t leave Sassuolo a breather. Spalletti avoided a massive turnover at the start, employing many of his big names who immediately pushed hard. In the 13th minute Napoli was already ahead: Olivera served Kvaratshkeila in the midfield who took possession of the ball, jumped three men, central percussion and a low shot that gave Consigli no escape.

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A minute goes by and Sassuolo is very close to a draw with Laurientè whose conclusion is rejected by the post to the right of Meret. The race is livening up. On 26′ a post also for Napoli.

Oshimen takes advantage of a mistake by his scorer Tressoldi who jumps empty, the attacker flies away but his shot is stopped by the woodwork. The doubling arrives in the 33rd minute: Oshimen, always him and always loudly supported by the public, wins a melee (perhaps even committing a foul) with Erlic and Tressoldi and from a tight angle with a powerful shot he slips on Consigli, not free from faults on the occasion . At the end of the half, the referee Colombo was called back to the Var and annulled the Sassuolo goal by Laurientè due to an active offside by Defrel.

Start of recovery in the sign of Naples and again Oshimen protagonist who is missing a personal encore a stone’s throw from the door. Sassuolo tries to reopen the match, a chance for Pinamonti but Meret’s goal remains untouched. The two teams, despite playing openly, don’t offer other emotions. Sassuolo, almost resigned given the technical gap with the opponent, is unable to give depth to their game. Napoli keeps the situation under control, Spalletti replaces Kvaratskhelia with Lozano and shortly after Oshimen with Simeone. The latter also scores the third goal with a nice header but if he sees Lozano’s previous offside canceled. At the final whistle, the Mapei Stadium explodes with joy. Even if it was played in Reggio Emilia.

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Sassuolo-Naples 0-2 (0-2).

Sassuolo (4-3-3) Advice; Zortea, Erlic, Tressoldi, Rogerio; Frattesi (40′ st Alvarez), Lopez (40′ st Obiang), Henrique (34′ st Thorvesdt); Bajrami (34′ st Ceide), Defrel (12′ st Pinamonti), Laurientè (25 Pegolo, 64 Russo, 3 Marchizza, 8 Harroui, 10 Berardi, 13 Ferrari, 17 Muldur, 35 D’Andrea). All.: Dionysus.

Napoli (4-3-3) Merit; Lorenzo, Rahmani, Kim, Olivera; Anguissa (33′ st Ndombele), Lobotka, Elmas (40′ st Zerbin); Politano (13th Zielinski), Oshimen (40th Simeone), Kvaratskhelia (33rd Lausanne) (12 Marfella, 95 Gollini, 4 Demme, 5 Juan Jesus, 6 Mario Rui, 19 Bereszynski, 31 Zedaka, 55 Ostigard, 70 Gaetano) All.: Spalletti.ù

Referee: Colombo from Como.

Rarely: in the pt 13′ Kvaratshkelia, 33′ Osimhen. Corners: 3 to 1 for Napoli. Extra time: 2′ and 4. Booked: Laurientè, Elmas, Zielinski, Lopez for foul play.

Spectators: 15,911, takings 424,727.

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