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Simon Peeters wants to eliminate all doubts with Haasrode Leuven against black beast Menen: “Time to show what we are worth” (Volleyball)

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Simon Peeters smashes over Van Dooren and Cosemans van Borgworm. — © Vel

Volleyball Lotto Volley League Haasrode Leuven – Menen

Leuven –

With a spectacular qualification for the Champions Play-offs, Haasrode Leuven is on edge for the first clash against Menen. In any case, the opening match carries an extra charge after the cup elimination: it is time for revenge.

The much-needed 3-0 victory against Borgworm not only turned the tide for VHL, but also restored self-confidence within the team. And perhaps most important of all: the victory also saved the season. Because competing in the Champions Play-offs and – with all due respect – not having the safety net of the Challenge Play-offs, makes a world of difference.

“We realize that we can still be the team we were at the beginning of the year and that is actually reassuring,” says receptionist Simon Peeters, who was one of the staff members in the period before his operation on the inflamed appendix and abdominal muscles. were pillars of VHL. “I finally feel 100 percent physically and mentally ready for the fight again. I must admit that I have been frustrated for a long time. That, in combination with the team’s dip, really started to eat at me. Fortunately, we recovered just in time.”

Adjust ambitions

The road to the Champions Play-offs did not go smoothly due to seven consecutive defeats. In the meantime, the people of Leuven also realize that they have to adjust their ambitions for the coming weeks. “Our focus is on achieving fourth place, because we have to be honest: Roeselare, Maaseik and Aalst are too ambitious. This also means that Menen and Borgworm will be our main competitors, which immediately underlines the importance of this opening match. Although I also hope that adjusting our ambitions will in itself have a redeeming effect.”

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In any case, the confrontation with Menen will be charged. The elimination in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup at home and after a golden set is still fresh in the memory. “We often think back to it, so yes, those feelings of revenge are certainly still there, because they also came here to win in the regular competition,” says Simon Peeters, who is aware of the dangers in coach’s team. Frank Depestele.

“They are unpredictable, with a lot of position changes. And then you have the factor of Gilles Vandecaveye who always plays as if he has nothing to lose and can cause a lot of danger with his serves. We showed against Borgworm that we are stable in reception again and that we can also target players with our own float serves. It is something we have trained very hard for in recent days. Look, on paper I still think we are the better team, so it is time to show what we are worth,” Peeters concludes.

VHL must be careful of this Gilles Vandecaveye. — © VDB

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