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SKIALP 4 VALLI 2024 | Sportdimontagna.com

Hermann Debertolis gives an encore and also wins the final round (Ski Alp Valdobbiadene) followed by Stefano Gardener (US Cornacci) and Pietro Festini Purlan (US Val Padola). In the women’s category, Martina Cumerlato (Bela Ladinia) prevails over Kristel Mottin (Bela Ladinia) and Anna Santini.

Gabriele Depaul and Kristel Mottin win the 25th La Sportiva Trofeo Ski Alp 4 Valli, while Marco Zanoner and Anna Santini, Raffaele Teza and Heidi Dapunt are second and third respectively.

Best club in the entire circuit goes to ASD Cauriol, who dominated all the tests! A huge party in which the entire community participated to celebrate the circuit which closed with a decidedly positive outcome.

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