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Captured alleged dissidents who delivered pamphlets in Palermo, Huila

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Captured alleged dissidents who delivered pamphlets in Palermo, Huila

In an operation, the Neiva Metropolitan Police, thanks to citizen collaboration, managed to capture five men in flagrante delicto for the crime of extortion in the town center of Betania, jurisdiction of the municipality of Palermo, Huila.

Those arrested, identified as “Miguel” 47 years old, “Alvaro” 27 years old, “Wilder” 23 years old, “Fabio” 28 years old and “Huber” 20 years oldwere surprised by the uniformed members of the GAULA Group of the National Police while they were carrying out the delivery of pamphlets related to the Ismael Ruiz front of the EMC GAOR Western Block, commanded by Jacobo Arenas of the FARC EP.

According to citizen information, these people would be involved in extortion activities, making financial demands on residents of the area. At the time of capture, Three pamphlets related to the aforementioned guerrilla front were seized from them.three motorcycles, five cell phones and the sum of 1,930,000 pesos, allegedly the product of extortion.

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The detainees were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities to face charges for the crime of extortion, who were responsible for defining the corresponding precautionary measures.

Colonel Alexander Castillo Marín, commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, called on citizens to report any situation that puts their safety and property at risk, inviting them to contact line 165 of the GAULA Police and reiterating the commitment of the institution in the fight against crime and the protection of the community.

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