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Skriniar renewal, Marotta: ‘We’ve been negotiating for some time, I’m optimistic’

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Skriniar renewal, Marotta: ‘We’ve been negotiating for some time, I’m optimistic’

Inter have been working on renewals for some time. That of the Slovak is well underway. “Today the skill of a manager lies in understanding, when there are a couple of years left before the deadline, whether it is the case to sell a player or to renew him”

Inter are working on the renewal of Skriniar and Beppe Marotta has positive sensations regarding the successful outcome of the negotiation. The Nerazzurri CEO spoke on the sidelines of the presentation of the book “The new wars of football” by Marco Bellinazzo, explaining the state of the negotiations for the extension of the Slovak’s contract.

The status of the deal

“We have great respect for Milan, we know we are dealing with a professional of enormous value – explained Marotta -. Like him, we have many players whose contracts are about to expire and we are certain that everyone deserves to stay with the Nerazzurri. The logic of the transfer market , however, do not allow us to proceed in that direction. With Skriniar, however, there is a discussion that has been going on for some time: I am optimistic”.


“Today the skill of a manager lies in understanding, when there are a couple of years left before a contract expires, whether it is appropriate to sell a player or renew him – explained the Inter manager in Bellinazzo -. Unfortunately, Serie A it no longer represents the final stage, the point of arrival for a player and, since we have to take the club’s accounts into consideration, we need to make this type of assessment.” Also during the presentation of the book, which was also attended by the president of the Lega Serie A Lorenzo Casini, Marotta commented on the evolution of the Superlega project. “It started in an embryonic way, many Premier clubs pulled themselves out. Just three companies were involved, which above all seek sustainability. Then there is a question linked to the search for greater competitiveness in Europe, where those who do not come from the Premier – with the exception of the Bundesliga – is in great difficulty. It happens in Italy, but also in Spain and France. Serie A, like La Liga, must therefore find new models to counter the excessive power of the Premier League. In addition, we managers must try to guarantee entertainment for our fans. Beyond the so-called first tier fans, who would follow you even if you relegated to Serie C, there are many second tier fans who want to be involved. It is for this reason that foreign investments are involved, essential for finding the necessary sustainability. But it is clear that, if we resort to these funds, it is because they bring in cash: it means that, without them, we would not be able to do it today”.

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the evolution of football

“When I started working in this sector, the pitches were full of mud and the players each had one pair of boots. Today they have a psychologist at their disposal and twenty pairs of boots in the dressing room. The fans, on the other hand, when they cheer for a goal , risk seeing their joy strangled by the Var. also economic. Then there is the corporate, organizational and relational structure. First there was a strong parochialism everywhere: the most famous entrepreneur of each city, almost as if he owed it to his fellow citizens, took over the local club and launched the challenge to the opponents of the nearest city. There are no more Berlusconi and Moratti, even if the rivalry, in the case of Milan, remains strong. When I had my first meetings in the League it seemed to be at lunch or dinner a with friends, there was no money to split and there were no fights. Today we sit down to talk about billions of euros, the role of Lega representative is very complicated and Casini performs it in superlative fashion. The world of football has changed radically: we need to take note of this transformation.”

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