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Snow also in Milan and Turin for the Immaculate Conception. Weather forecast: the cities involved

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Rome, 5 December 2021 – There are all the confirmations: the snow even in the city. The white flakes, experts say forecast meteo, they will fall in Valpadana. When? In day of the Immaculate Conception, 8 December. Where specifically? Turin, Asti, Alessandria, Cuneo, Vercelli, Milan Pavia, Bergamo, Piacenza. In a minor key also a Parma, Verona Brescia and Padua. These are the cities identified by ilMeteo.it and 3bmeteo, which adds: “Snow altitude in the Center from 800-1,000 meters in Tuscany up to over 1,500 meters in Lazio. In the South, no snowfall is expected except at very high altitudes, above 2,000 meters “.

The 3bmeteo map

(The article continues below the map)

Bad weather, embankment yields and terrace collapses in Posillipo

Video: tomorrow’s weather forecast

Autumn with 6 storms a day

The damage toll goes up bad weather in an autumn marked along the entire peninsula by almost 6 storms a day between water bombs, hailstorms, tornadoes and snowstorms that caused landslides, floods and floods. This is what emerges from the analysis of Coldiretti based on data fromEuropean Severe Weather Database (Eswd) with reference to the new perturbation of Atlantic origin with orange alert from the Civil Protection in Calabria and Basilicata and yellow in Abruzzo, Campania, Lazio, Molise and Sicily while in the North precipitation is expected in the Triveneto with snow spread over the Alps above 400 meters. The effects of the meteorological change with autumn 2021 are evident, argues Coldiretti with a press release, which from a climatological point of view marks 517 extreme events with a 70% increase over last year.

It ends a completely anomalous year that raises the budget of damage in the countryside to over 2 billion because of a hot winter, the frost in spring and one divided summer between African heat, drought and violent storms that continued and hit cities and countryside. To pay a heavy bill in autumn, Coldiretti continues, is agriculture with the final phase of the grape harvest and the olive harvest while in the land there are autumn vegetables and the traditional sowing hindered by bad weather must be carried out. We are faced with the consequences of climate changes even in Italy where the exceptional nature of atmospheric events is now the norm, says the association, with a tendency to tropicalization that manifests itself with a higher frequency of violent events, seasonal delays, short and intense rainfall and the rapid passage from the sun to bad weather.

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