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Spezia Verona, the words of the two coaches two days before the play-off to stay in Serie A

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Spezia Verona, the words of the two coaches two days before the play-off to stay in Serie A

Sunday evening the last team to leave Serie A to join Sampdoria and Cremonese in the next cadet championship will be decided. Spezia and Verona face off in Reggio Emilia from 20.45 in a one-off match. Zaffaroni: “This time it’s really the last chance, we have great motivations.” Simple: “Maximum confidence, we don’t think about the absent ones but about who will play”

The last act of the series is the queue salvation between Spice and Verona. It will be played on Sunday evening at 20.45 in Reggio Emilia and will be a match without appeal to avoid falling into Serie B together with Sampdoria and Cremonese. There are numerous absences in La Spezia make sure: the disqualified Gyasi and Amian plus the unavailable Holm, Bastoni, Caldara, Moutinho and Sala. Verona will miss Duda, Henry and Doig while Lasagna remains in doubt. They recovered Veloso and Verdi

Simple: “I expect a great performance”

The words on the eve of the coach from La Spezia Simple: “We are preparing to dispute the most important match of the year, for us and for the championship since there has never been a decisive match. I am convinced that the team will play a great performance and bring home the result. For the absent there is a long page but we have to focus on who is there. With the staff, we tried to leave the boys calm to better prepare them for the game. They thought they were safe when we lost against Turin and that was not the case. I look around my house, I don’t know if we are stronger or not, but in these ninety minutes the value is zeroed, so it will be up to the motivational and organizational aspect to ensure that we are able to bring out our qualities and maybe make the game our own. Other people’s considerations don’t affect me, I think about my team and we go on our way knowing what we’re up against. It is a game that will be played on episodeswe will have to have maximum concentration and attention, with the awareness that we can make the game ours”.

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Zaffaroni: “This time it’s the last resort”

On the eve of the playoff the words of zaffaroni: “We prepared well for this match. We all have the strong motivation to complete the journey what we have done: we know that there is an opponent who will want to do the same. You’ve been asking me for twenty-three games if it’s a last resort, this is definitely the last game. There will be a lot of tension, we will have to know how to manage it in the right way. Any negative outcome would make everything seem negative, but we have very strong motivations. You have to be good at channeling these emotions in the correct way: too much tension can cause negative effects, the mind will have to be free, to allow us to do the things we know how to do and bring the game home. The playoff is a game in itself, in the end it could go to penalties... It’s a different match from the others, which must be interpreted in the right way”

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