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SPRINT VAL DA CAMP | Sportdimontagna.com

On Friday evening the Sprint Val Da Camp took place with departure from Sfazù (1622 masl) and arrival at Lungaacqua (1985 masl). The route designed on a snowy forest-pastoral road does not have excessive slopes and is therefore ideal for cross-country skiers. It is no coincidence that Susanna Saapunki, from Finland who lives in Valfurva, had an easy time in the pink challenge in 28’57”.

On the podium were Monica Trina Colonel (34’25”) and Desire Franzini (37’58”). To complete the top five Stefania Vecellio and Lorena Compagnoni.

All men behind the champion of the CS Army Robert Antonioli who, on the eve of the away match in Morgen, wanted to pay homage to his friend Marino Zanetti by attending the match in his honour. For him, the time was 22’48” which allowed him to keep the first pursuers well away. Second place for Andrea Bradanini (25’40”). Third place went to Edoardo Gianoli (26’40”). Samuel Lazzeri 4th and Riccardo Crameri 5th did well too.


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