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Super Inter also in Europe. Naples between chaos and dreams

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Super Inter also in Europe.  Naples between chaos and dreams

The Champions League, with a championship now practically decided, she is the one who is destined to dominate our thoughts and analyzes in these weeks. After Lazio’s coup against Bayern Munich, I am Inter and Napoli to be busy over these two days. And the Nerazzurri’s response was truly one of the very important ones and certainly cannot go unnoticed and leave us indifferent.

Inter without obstacles

The performance of the Milanese team in the first leg of the round of 16 match against Atletico Madrid was of the highest level. The 1-0 is a result that is, to say the least, difficult for Inzaghi’s men. Thuram’s injury undoubtedly had an impact, with Arnautovic who, despite having scored the winning goal, threw away many opportunities. In short, the score could have been much more rounded, whereas now However, the qualification issue is still completely open and under discussion. And, it must be said, the Spaniards become a completely different team at home. However, the sensations were, once again, more than positive.

Barella was among Inter’s best in the match against Atletico Madrid

It was the one who hit the quality of the game expressed by Inzaghi’s men. Quick exchanges, intelligently exploited flanks, vertical movements and individuals perfectly serving the team: this, and much more, was Inter. The Nerazzurri also did very well in defense, limiting a team that this year is excelling in terms of dribbling and offensive production. But watch out for what could happen in the return match, because the spectacle is undoubtedly guaranteed. And even twists can inevitably be around the corner.

Night of truth for Napoli?

Napoli, on the other hand, has to give important answers. The Azzurri experienced days of real chaos. Mazzarri’s dismissal it was perhaps inevitable and almost logical, given the team’s performance in the championship. It can be safely and serenely said that the Neapolitans are very distant relatives of those admired last year. Neither the Tuscan nor previously Rudi Garcia managed to give a mark and an identity. Now the work of Calzone it will be complicated to say the least, even though we are talking about someone who knows the Campania square very well. A bet that we just have to wait and understand what results it will bring.

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Mazzarri was sacked by Napoli: Calzona took his place

The first test and the first exam will be the match against Barcelona. The Blaugrana are experiencing a season full of ups and downs and are certainly distant relatives of that team that made tiki-taka its strong point and its main weapon for destroying its opponents. The game model, however, is very clear and structured and certainly Xavi’s eleven does not lack technique and quality. In short, a match that could truly mark a turning point, both positively and negatively. In fact, a victory could give that enthusiasm that is too lacking. A defeat, however, could really make a season where there have been very few joys even more anonymous.

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