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The 5th Longgang Chess Master Sai Bu Xiangzhi won the championship-Sports-China Engineering Network

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Shenzhen Longgang Chess Masters: Bu Xiangzhi Crowned Champion

The fifth edition of the Shenzhen Longgang Chess Masters came to a thrilling conclusion on March 7th at the Longgang Training Base of the Chinese National Chess Team in Shenzhen. Bu Xiangzhi emerged as the champion in his debut appearance, showcasing excellent skills and strategic gameplay throughout the tournament.

Competing against a field of talented players, including international participants like Dutch player Giri, Indian player Erigais, and Russian players Ajmeev and Dubov, Bu Xiangzhi was able to secure the championship with 2 wins and 4.5 points. Yu Yangyi and Erigais claimed the second and third spots, respectively, after a tightly contested final round.

In a seven-round round-robin format, Bu Xiangzhi, Yu Yangyi, and Erigais were tied with 4 points each after the first six rounds. The final round saw intense matchups, with Bu Xiangzhi clinching the top spot after a fierce battle against Ademeev. The victory was a testament to Bu Xiangzhi’s skill and determination on the chessboard.

Reflecting on his win, Bu Xiangzhi expressed gratitude for his success and emphasized the importance of perseverance in challenging situations. He also encouraged young chess players to continue honing their skills and strive for success on the competitive stage.

The Shenzhen Longgang Chess Masters is organized by the Chess and Cards Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the China Chess Association, the Shenzhen Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, and the Shenzhen Longgang District People’s Government. The event is executed by Pengcheng Chess Club Co., Ltd, and serves as a platform for top chess players to showcase their talents and compete at the highest level.

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Bu Xiangzhi’s triumph at the fifth Shenzhen Longgang Chess Masters adds another chapter to his impressive career and solidifies his status as a formidable force in the world of chess. As he looks ahead to future competitions, Bu Xiangzhi remains focused on continuous improvement and success on the chessboard.

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