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The 76ers may let Simmons stay in the offseason and still want to use Simmons to trade big-name stars

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Original title: The 76ers may let Simmons stay until the offseason and still want to use Simmons to trade big-name stars

News from January 9th, Beijing time, Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons has not played the game so far this season, but some US media said that the 76ers have reasons to not let him leave the team early.

The trade deadline on February 10 is approaching, and all eyes are on the Philadelphia 76ers. After a farce from the offseason, Simmons, the 16-year champion, has not played a game this season, and the team must make a choice. The Philadelphia 76ers can trade Simmons now, or they can make a decision until the next offseason.

According to reports, the Sixers’ priority is still to get Simmons back on the court this season. Some people may think this is a waste of time, but for the time being, this is the right approach. The 76ers should never trade the three-time All-Star player before the trade deadline for two reasons.

one.Stars are hard to find

As we know, the 76ers have always been asking high prices for Simmons. Considering his resume and current contract, it is not a fantasy to want a star-level player in return. Ideally, the 76ers trade Simmons and find a star to partner with Joel Embiid when he enters the golden age of his career.

In this upcoming offseason, the two big-name players are Bradley Beal and James Harden. They are unwilling to renew their contracts with the current team, and other teams may get them through signing or trading. If so, the 76ers will definitely try to bring these two star guards to Philadelphia. Having a player like Simmons as a bargaining chip should give them an advantage in the competition.

The situation of the Portland Trail Blazers also requires close attention. Damian Lillard has always been the 76ers’ first choice, but the best guard in the NBA is still satisfied with his current situation. But as the Blazers have another bad season, things may soon change. If they are at the bottom of the Western Conference all year, Lillard may make a big bet this summer.

The 76ers expect to complete a big deal to greatly improve the team’s competitiveness. This offseason, there will be too many talented stars entering the market, and it makes no sense to trade Simmons before the trade deadline.

two.Market downturn

The biggest reason the Philadelphia 76ers shouldn’t make a deal now is because there is no deal that can bring the same value as Simmons. So far, there are no big-name players on the tradable list. The Indiana Pacers’ All-Star player Domantas Sabonis is arguably the loudest name in the current trade rumors, but he is not the player the 76ers want.

The 76ers are still very patient, and the team hopes to get out of the predicament this season. Although some teams have not played well so far this season, few high-level players have entered the market. One of the players close to entering the market is Sacramento Kings guard De Aron Fox.

No matter what the 76ers get from Simmons, it will greatly affect their chances of competing for the championship in the future. Considering the performance of the trading market so far, the 76ers had better not make a decision this season.Return to Sohu to see more


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