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The benefits of vitamin C for those who practice sports |

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The benefits of vitamin C for those who practice sports |

You say winter and you immediately think of vitamin C. A precious substance for physical well-being, especially during the cold season. Just think of its action on the immune system. But not only that, because it offers many benefits, especially to those who play sports. Among these, I’ll tell you three:

Bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments are just some of the tissues in which collagen is a fundamental component. By playing sports, they are subject to wear. This is an inevitable event. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen.

An iron deficiency is not uncommon in those who train intensely and/or frequently. Vitamin C favors the absorption of iron when these two ingredients are taken in the same meal (eg lemon juice on meat, fish, legumes and in some vegetables such as spinach and broccoli).

Vitamin C does not prevent winter colds. But it can help to facilitate their resolution. In fact, it assumes a strategic role in the resolution process of inflammatory states by activating the immune response. A lack of it, on the contrary, causes a poor immune capacity and a greater susceptibility to infections.

To reach the daily requirement, just choose between:
🥝 1 medium-sized green kiwi can provide almost the total daily requirement of vitamin C. Those with yellow flesh are more concentrated;
🍊 large orange or one and a half medium;
🍋 3 tangerines
🥦 A whole plate of broccoli or 120 g of Brussels sprouts.

❗️REMEMBER: Vitamin C is sensitive to high temperatures. Avoid cooking for a long time or at high degrees or boiling foods that contain it.

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