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The best in the world!Tintin kills the old master with a final word

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Original title: The best of the whole!Tintin’s final decision to kill the old master 5 break the blue army and kill the red eye

Against Chelsea, De Bruyne is a special one because the Blues are his old club. In 2012, Chelsea spent 8 million euros to bring De Bruyne, who was still playing at Genk, to Stamford Bridge. However, Tintin’s career in the Blues was not smooth. He had a loan experience, played only 9 games in Chelsea, and transferred from the Blues to Wolfsburg in 2014. Because of his outstanding performance in the Bundesliga, Tintin came to the Etihad Stadium in 2015 with the highest price in Manchester City’s history. During his time at Manchester City, De Bruyne gradually developed into one of the best midfielders in the world.

And after De Bruyne came to Manchester City, no matter which time he faced Chelsea, he was always able to contribute well. In the past 4 Premier League games against the Blues, Tintin has scored 4 goals. In the Premier League, Tintin has only scored more goals (5 times) than the Blues. After the start of the game, although De Bruyne was closely guarded by Kante, the Belgian still did his best to make continuous contributions on both ends of offense and defense. In the matchup between Manchester City and Chelsea, the strength of the two sides is actually equal, and the victory or defeat is only in an instant. In the almost suffocating rhythm of the game, it often depends on the individual ability of the stars to decide the result of the game. Grealish’s one-shot in the first half and Lukaku’s one-shot in the second half proved that they are still some distance away from top stars, and De Bruyne’s flash in the 70th minute decided the outcome of the game.

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After receiving a pass from Cancelo at that time, Tintin turned around and accelerated and immediately wiped Kante who came to tackle the tackle, and then brought it to the vicinity of the penalty area. Facing Thiago Silva, De Bruyne made a slight adjustment, Silva did not dare to make any moves, and then Tintin immediately sent a perfect curve ball with his right foot. In the whole game, Tintin shot 4 times and 3 times on target. While scoring a goal, he also created 2 chances. There is no doubt that the MVP of the game.

Although Rudiger hit his face in the Champions League final last season and suffered a fracture, suffered another injury in the European Cup in the summer, and contracted the new crown at the end of last year, De Bruyne has scored 6 goals in 17 league games this season. The goal is equal to the number of Premier League goals scored by the individual last season. De Bruyne also represented Manchester City in the Premier League for the 21st long-range goal from outside the penalty area, tying Aguero to become the first in team history for this statistic. In addition, since coming to the Etihad Stadium, De Bruyne has contributed 5 goals in 11 Premier League games against the Blues, and is the former Blues player with the most goals against Chelsea in the league. Raone is a Chelsea killer. Seeing De Bruyne’s outstanding performance now, I don’t know how Tintin’s Blues, who let go at that time, feel.Return to Sohu, see more


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