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The defense and those four doubts that Udinese have yet to erase

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The defense and those four doubts that Udinese have yet to erase

UDINE. Udinese’s doubts about the depth revolve around the defense in view of the debut in the league, Saturday at San Siro. And it could not be otherwise, not only in relation to a Milan that in the last two tests, between that of Vicenza and the last with Pergolettese, was crackling in the attacking production with 13 goals scored.

Do not say that, ultimately, the sparring partners were the stuff of C, because the Juventus reflections arise precisely from the disconcerting rearguard performance in the Italian Cup, against Feralpisalò which plays in the third national series. U

Such a face cannot be re-proposed with the Italian champions, even if there are objective difficulties to overcome, linked to the three new elements that Andrea Sottil proposed in the eleven and from an element that would like to change position compared to the last championship.

Nehuen Perez

Let’s start with the latter: the Argentine would like to play on the center-right in the three-man defense or, at most, try to play the central. He clearly stated it after the Coppa Italia match where he actually played in his favorite position, even if he didn’t enchant.

The point is that in those parts there is still a certainty like Rodrigo Becao that Sottil will try to recover against Milan. It would not be bad news, considering the solidity acquired by the Brazilian who, however, still remains on the market: in Italy Inter like it, abroad the Turks of Fenerbahçe among others, but is the company still sure of having to sell it?

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From left: Slovenian international Jaka Bijol, Adam Masina and Franco-Cameroonian southpaw Enzo Ebosse

Jaka Bijol

Central pivot profession. With a past as a midfielder in front of the defense. He also plays in the national team (the Slovenian one) and comes from a different football like the Russian one: the passage must be metabolized, the Juventus coach tells of a form of him not yet at the top, but there remains the doubt of his speed in the closures.

A matter of timing as did Pablò Marì, who was not a lightning bolt on 100 meters like Jacobs, but had the game times inside. Those who had also Nuytinck who then paid for the ailments. But he might be even better than Bijol.

Adam Masina

Confession: when he was placed in the three of the defense with Chelsea, we thought it was a mistake. Or a momentary lack of alternatives. Instead Sottil sees him there, in the backward trident, despite a past on the wing, where he should keep the Udogie office (returning on loan from Tottenham after the sale).

The fact remains that this is a role for which to date Masina has not convinced.

Enzo Ebosse

In those parts, alongside the central pivot of the defense, it was thought that the Franco-Cameroonian arrived from Angers should act. No.

In the Italian Cup he played on the left wing, in the future he could also be a “pure” defender, but he would still be behind Masina in the manager’s hierarchy. As a reserve winger behind Udogie, however, he must give more running, more one-on-one and some crosses for when Beto returns.

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