Home Sports The double-third flower combined to score 50 points and it was difficult to stop the game. Tatum became Butler’s background board again – yqqlm

The double-third flower combined to score 50 points and it was difficult to stop the game. Tatum became Butler’s background board again – yqqlm

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The double-third flower combined to score 50 points and it was difficult to stop the game. Tatum became Butler’s background board again – yqqlm

Original title:Double third flower combined to score 50 points, it is difficult to stop the game, Tatum becomes Butler’s background board again

On May 28, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA playoffs continued. The Miami Heat are in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals with the Boston Celtics. After the game, the Heat defeated the Celtics 111-103 to tie the series 3-3.

On the Celtics side, Jayson Tatum had 30 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals, and Jaylen Brown had 20 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. But the output of the double third overall paled in comparison to Butler’s miraculous performance.

In the battle of Tianwang Mountain, Tatum used a quasi-triple-double output to boost the victory of the Celtics.

Back at home, most people were optimistic that the Greens were in sight, and Tatum was likely to win the Eastern Division MVP for the first time in history.

However, what people did not expect was that in the first quarter of the game, the Green Army encountered trouble. The Heat even swept away the decline of the ball, and under the leadership of Butler, they took the field advantage at the beginning.

Passively, Tatum stood up and made a three-pointer to stop the bleeding for the team. At the end of the first quarter, he also scored a layup, allowing the Green Army to continue the momentum of catching up.

In the second quarter, Tatum took over the offense again. He made free throws, three-pointers, and dunks in a row, and turned over a fallback jumper. In less than 2 minutes, he even hit 4 rounds, handicap. The difference is approaching. Then, by his side, Jaylen Brown also gave fire support, and he scored five consecutive rounds to bring the game back to the balance.

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At halftime, one of the double thirds scored 18 points. Also relying on the output of the two, the Green Army withstood the Heat’s mad attack.

In the early part of the third quarter, it was another wonderful attack by the double-third flower team. During the period, Brown and Butler first jumped the ball and assigned the ball to Tatum. Then, Tatum made a slight adjustment to catch the ball and hit a three-pointer against Tucker. It was also this ball that made the Green Army once Take back the lead.

But after that, what the Green Army did not expect was that they fell into a situation of passive beating again. The Heat blossomed more and once established a double-digit advantage.

Although Tatum’s three-pointer is still hitting, but in the face of the opponent’s onslaught, it is only piecemeal.

Of course, as a party with better overall combat power, the Green Army still has the confidence to deal with the Heat. In the final quarter, the Green Army set off a wave of attacks. With Brown making 2 of 2 free throws, the Green Army was only 2 points behind.

After that, the Green Army once overtook the score and once forced the Heat into a dead corner. However, the night was destined to belong to Butler.

Even the double-third pick is trying their best to grab the score, but because of Butler’s outbreak, the advantage has been regained by the Heat. At least this night, two stars in their 20s, in front of Butler in their 30s, regardless of the actual combat level, or On a spiritual level, it’s a bit dwarfed. (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more

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