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The First Community Games of Xi’an City Weekly Division Competition Opens

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The First Community Games of Xi’an City Weekly Division Competition Opens

The First Community Games of Xi’an City Weekly Division Competition Opens

2022-06-17 11:09:49Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the morning of June 16, the opening ceremony of the Weekly Division Competition of the First Community Games in Xi’an was held in Shahe Water Street Square. Waist drums, Taijiquan, cheerleading, tug-of-war and other sports that are popular with the masses have been launched one after another, attracting people in the jurisdiction to share this summer fitness event.

“This community sports meeting has attracted nearly 20 people to sign up to participate, including relocated residents from the mountainous areas.” Guo Yirong, secretary of the party branch and director of the neighborhood committee of Anfuyuan Community in Mazhao Town, said that taking the sports meeting as an opportunity, they will use the The neighborliness of the nearby residents promotes a community culture of living and working in peace and contentment, green and healthy, so that the people can move out, live well, and feel at ease.

The opening ceremony kicked off with the passionate national anthem. Community representatives took the stage to read the proposal for the Games, and representatives of athletes and referees took oaths around participating and refereeing. As the leaders and guests at the meeting pressed the start button together, the first community sports meeting in Xi’an was officially launched.

After the opening ceremony, a wonderful tug of war pushed the atmosphere to a climax. On the wide sports field, athletes in different uniforms encouraged each other and geared up for each other. With the use of strength and skills, everyone in the game united and cooperated and tried their best, showing a tenacious sportsmanship, which caused bursts of cheers from the audience.

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On-site observation, the reporter noticed that there are publicity service display areas such as grassroots party building, community building, national fitness, sports lottery publicity, national physique monitoring, health and health, food promotion, and intangible cultural heritage display. Among them, the propaganda content covers the achievements of Zhouzhi’s “Party Building + National Fitness”, the service items include physical fitness monitoring and health consultation for the masses, and the display content includes food and intangible cultural heritage, which can meet the diverse needs of the people.

It is understood that the Weekly Division Competition of this Community Games is based on the theme of “I Participate • My Health” and adopts the form of “Government Organization, Community Participation”. There are 17 projects in 6 categories, including special categories. From June to November, the Zhouzhi Divisional Competition will be carried out extensively in Zhouzhi County, and residents of Zhouzhi County can register for the competition in the nearest village (community).

Xi’an Newspaper All-Media Reporter Wang Tao Intern Bu Andong

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