Home Sports The first show flight at Montello is from the Istrana, which is always the last

The first show flight at Montello is from the Istrana, which is always the last

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L’Istrana and Vettoretto start 2022 in the best way. In the recovery of the 10th day of Excellence, the Gialloblù conquer Volpago with a 5-2 against Montello. In the first half only a penalty kick unlocks the result while in the second half there are 5 goals in just 14 minutes. Great protagonist of the day the former on duty Vettoretto, author of a hat-trick. The Strana consolidates the seventh position while Montello closes the first round in last place with still no victory.

In the first half two non-brilliant teams take the field and the only shot on goal comes in the 30th minute. Buosi lands Facioni in the area and it is a penalty, on the discetto of presents Vettoretto who places the ball on the left with Vallorello who throws himself to the right. The second part of the game, on the other hand, reserves dense emotions. Already at 47 ‘the header of Rigato, from a corner of Vettoretto, is worth 2-0 for the guests who make the trio 6 minutes later with another penalty. Buosi tugs Vettoretto at the edge of the area, the former still goes from 11 meters and scores a photocopy of the previous penalty. Montello is not there: in the 56th minute Martimbianco scores the 1-3 taking advantage of a defensive inattention of the guests and rolling the ball behind Berto. The hosts take courage, two turns of hands and here is that Maronilli launches a torpedo from three quarters that slips between the post and the goalkeeper: 2-3. Everything seems open but at 61 ‘Vettoretto drops his personal trio taking the opportunity of a totally inattentive opposing defense. Finally, at 80 ‘Mazzocato, who entered the field just one minute, definitively closed the game by signing the 5-2 on the development of a free kick.

«Once again we played with 6 over the odds, as well as having 4 positive players at Covid: there were 15 with the third goalkeeper to make up the number – comments Mr. Visentin – We are sinful of inexperience, we make mistakes of youth. I’m sorry because 5 goals don’t fit, at 3-2 we were naive to take the fourth goal. These guys have given everything ». Mister Bonaldo enjoys the first three points of 2022: «It was essential to restart with a victory. We came from a positive cycle and in these difficult matches you can only lose. We found a young and tough team, we complicated our lives, but overall we faced the match in the right way. We didn’t approach well, better in the second half apart from the blackout but we did well on the fourth goal ». –

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