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The German team complains about the Olympic ping-pong venue against the ITTF: it is looking for a solution

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Original title: The German team complained about the Olympic ping-pong venue against the ITTF: It is looking for a solution

Previously, when the Chinese National Table Tennis Association was conducting its first training to adapt to the field, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association and the leader of the Chinese Olympic Table Tennis Team, said that the layout of the venue was slightly narrow and the two referee tables were too large. The running of the doubles player creates obstacles. At that time, Chinese national table tennis player Xu Xin also said that he had several sideways balls that had hit the electronic scoreboard. A few days ago, the German team also complained that the Olympic table tennis venue is too small. Regarding the issue of the Olympic ping-pong venue, ITTF officials said that they are trying to solve the problem.

On the 22nd, Liu Guoliang said in an interview: “Yesterday at the team leader meeting, the German team also mentioned that the venue is too small and easy to collide. It is the same problem we raised. They also negotiated with us. The ITTF is also actively trying to find a way. “

Previously, ITTF technical representative Chen Changqi stated when setting up the lottery ceremony that the exact size of the venue is 8X16 meters, which meets the requirements, but compared to the limited width of the venue, two referee tables designed for beauty and decoration It does seem a little in the way.

“The venue itself cannot be changed now. We can only try our best to find a way from the layout.” The international referee from Hong Kong, China said, “The current solution is to pull the referee table as far back as possible, or even remove the one behind the table. Two baffles allow the referee to enter the field from outside the field.”Return to Sohu to see more

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