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“The goalkeeper never gets to the ball”

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“The goalkeeper never gets to the ball”

RB Leipzig’s goal disallowed sparks controversy in Champions League match against Real Madrid

In the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League match between RB Leipzig and Real Madrid, a controversial moment arose in the 2nd minute when a goal by Benjamin Sesko was disallowed. The decision by referee Pol van Boekel, in charge of the VOR room, has sparked controversy and disagreement from authoritative voices, including former Spanish referees such as Mateu Lahoz and even German referee Thorsten Kinhöfer.

The disallowed goal came as a result of the referee interpreting that Leipzig’s Henrichs, who was offside, had interfered with Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Lunin by pushing him from behind, resulting in positional offside.

Kinhöfer expressed his disagreement with the decision, stating, “For me, the goal should have counted because the player did not actively intervene. It is also questionable that the referee did not look at it again.”

Mateu Lahoz also voiced his dissatisfaction, saying, “On the field you can be confused as an athlete, but the VAR is for this type of thing. This is crazy.”

Real Madrid’s midfielder Toni Kroos was also consulted about the controversial play after the game and expressed his disappointment, saying, “I simply think it is a legal goal. How do you see it?” he asked a German journalist. He further stated, “I see it the same way. I think in the end he whistles for offside because it gets in his way, but the goalkeeper can’t reach the ball and that’s why the goal had to be given. You cannot argue any other way.”

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The controversial decision is likely to continue being a topic of discussion as RB Leipzig’s disallowed goal becomes a point of contention in an otherwise thrilling match.

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