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The national table tennis men’s team won 3-0, Fan Zhendong reversed and defeated Ocharov

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The national table tennis men’s team won 3-0, Fan Zhendong reversed and defeated Ocharov

Golden Goat Authors: Hao Haoyu; Zhou Fangping; Tang Mingming 2021-08-06

This is the 35th gold medal won by the Chinese delegation in this Olympics and the 4th gold medal won by the Chinese table tennis “Dream Team” in Tokyo.

Text/Yangcheng Evening News Special Tokyo Correspondent Hao Haoyu Zhou Fangping
Photo/Tang Mingming, a Tokyo correspondent for the Yangcheng Evening News

On the evening of August 6, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics table tennis event was staged in the men’s team final at the Tokyo Gymnasium. The Chinese team played against the German team. In the end, the Chinese team composed of Ma Long, Xu Xin and Guangdong star Fan Zhendong swept the German team composed of Ochalov, Boll and Francesca 3-0 to win the championship.

Since the men’s table tennis team became an Olympic event in 2008, the national table tennis team has not let this gold medal pass. This is the 35th gold medal won by the Chinese delegation in this Olympics and the 4th gold medal won by the Chinese table tennis “dream team” in Tokyo.

Chinese Table Tennis Men’s Team

Judging from the final result, Guoping easily won 3-0, but from the perspective of the game process, the German team actually created a lot of trouble for Guoping. Except for Malone’s partner Xu Xin, who defeated Boll and Francesca 3-0 in the first doubles match, Ochalov and Boll both posed a threat to Fan Zhendong and Malone in the last two singles matches. .

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Especially the top seed Ocharov of the German team. In the previous men’s singles semi-finals, Malone struggled to eliminate Ocharov after 7 rounds of hard work. The latter also won the three or four finals and won a bronze medal. This is enough to show the fiery state of the Germans today. And Fan Zhendong, who won the men’s singles runner-up, was guilty of slow heat and lost a game as soon as he came up. Although Fan Zhendong quickly equalized the score, Ocharov, who played steadily, still got a 2-1 lead.

Fortunately, “Little Fatty” entered the state in time at the critical moment, but when he was in desperate situation, he burst out all the energy and was more daring to invest on the offensive end. After winning the fourth game to tie the score, Fan Zhendong won the fifth game 11-3, helping the Chinese team to take a 2-0 lead. The subsequent appearance of the “double crown” Malone defeated veteran Boll 3-1 without any surprise, and the Chinese team successfully won the men’s team gold medal.

Fan Zhendong

Although Fan Zhendong played only one game, it is no exaggeration to say that he scored the most crucial point for the Chinese team. The Chinese team’s order of appearance has obviously been carefully designed. After the men’s doubles, the young Fan Zhendong took on the tasks of the first and third men’s singles, and Malone, who won the men’s singles championship, will play in the second men’s singles match. The Chinese team obviously hopes to win the game as soon as possible, so they do their best in the first four sets. Although Xu Xin, who will play in the fifth set, also has strong strength, he has not played a singles match in this Olympics after all, and his opponent sent the strongest Ocharov in the fifth set.

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Fan Zhendong reversed the men’s singles top seed of the German team and basically helped the Chinese team to secure the victory in advance. Although the veteran Boll still has the power to fight, compared with the peak of Malone, the two still have a significant difference in strength.

After this campaign, Ma Long won his fifth gold medal in the Olympics and became the player with the most Olympic gold medals in the history of the national table tennis team. From the fledgling “Anshan Pony” at the beginning of 2008, but now the “Hexagon Warrior” with honors, Malone has had a glorious career. However, after making history, Malone remained calm. “I didn’t think too much. Of course I am very happy to have won the Olympic champion, but that’s it. This is a very important experience in my life. I still hope that I can still be steadfast.” Ma Long said.

Ma Long (right), Xu Xin

At the award ceremony, Fan Zhendong put on the gold medal for his eldest brother Malone, which is more like the heritage of the national table tennis team. In Paris three years later, the “little fat” who is in his prime is likely to become the leader of the national table tennis men’s team. The experience of winning one gold and one silver in Tokyo for the first time participating in the Olympics will also become a valuable asset for Fan Zhendong during his growth.



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