Home Sports The Old Wild West will restart on August 16 with the retreat in Tarvisio

The Old Wild West will restart on August 16 with the retreat in Tarvisio

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The Old Wild West will restart on August 16 with the retreat in Tarvisio

The team will carry out a week of work at Carnera, then from 25 to 30 in Valcanale, first test at Memorial Pajetta

UDINE. While waiting to place a series of hits on the market, the Apu Old Wild West lays the foundations for the pre-season 2022/2023. The Juventus team has set the date for the meeting: an appointment set for Tuesday 16 August for medical examinations at the Sanirad in Tricesimo.

Training and athletic preparation will start the next day at the Carnera sports hall. Bianconeri under pressure for a week, then on 25 August all in Tarvisio for the second year in a row. The retreat will again have the Hotel Cervo as its headquarters and will last until August 30th.

The Memorial Pajetta tournament, a tribute to the mother of president Alessandro Pedone is also being defined: it is very likely that the format of the quadrangular will be confirmed with matches in two days, also identified the dates (Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 September), to be defined on framework of the participants.

The second half of September will be dedicated to the Serie A2 Super Cup, which will almost certainly offer the new derby with the newly promoted Gesteco Cividale. Championship kicks off on 2 October, in line with the dates of the season just ended.

From today, in the meantime, it is easy to foresee an acceleration on the market. Five confirmations have been defined: Michele Antonutti, Vittorio Nobile, Federico Mussini, Ethan Esposito and Francesco Pellegrino. The announcement of the transfer of Alessandro Cappelletti to Tezenis Verona is only a matter of hours, the Umbrian player has already made the choice of him. Greetings also Marco Giuri, Nazzareno Italiano, Trevor Lacey, Michele Ebeling, Marco Pieri and Brandon Walters. Six outgoing players, as many should arrive.

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Compared to previous years, a change of strategy is likely: usually the APU closed the Italian players first and then defined the US couple, this time instead a stars and stripes strike could ignite the market in the initial phase.

This is because the American winger will be chosen on the Italian market, focusing on a player already experienced in the second national league: a type of profile that requires timing and an important slice of the budget.

The choice to change compared to the last three seasons, when one of the two slots for foreigners was occupied by a US center, is also supported by the statistics: most of the teams promoted from A2 to Serie A had a small forward in the quintet or a large American forward, able to guarantee athleticism and effectiveness from the perimeter.

On more than one occasion, moreover, they were Americans already tested in our championship. The Apu Old Wild West 2022/2023 will therefore have a play and a winger with stars and stripes, two Italian longs, five players plus coach Boniciolli to guarantee continuity with last season and the right mix between experienced men and young players. talent. The team’s “Friulanity” rate is also guaranteed, in the year of the first Friulian derby.

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