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The Pordenone also relies on the Cabala to trace it

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Since 2014 the neroverdi have been unbeaten in the first match of the new calendar year: the balance is five wins and three draws, the last one away to Frosinone

PORDENONE. Finally we start again. After a month of rest, Pordenone returns to the field tomorrow and is ready to face its first match of 2022. The opponent is Lecce, in the running for Serie A, and on paper the lizards are underdogs. However, on their side, the excellent tradition that the club has in relation to the first game of the year.

The neroverdi have not lost their debut match since 2014. The balance sheet speaks of a streak made up of five wins and three draws: eight matches without defeats, a figure that bodes well in view of the home match of Teghil (from 4.15 pm). The first positive result dates back to 5 January 2014, when Pordenone was still playing in Serie D. Al Bottecchia finished 3-1 with Montebelluna: Zubin scored, scoring a brace, and Buratto.

In 2015, on 6 January, during the first season of Lega Pro, an encore came: 4-2 in Bergamo with Albinoleffe. It was the first affirmation on the black-green bench of Fabio Rossitto, who took over from Luciano Foschi in November 2014. Away successes also came in 2016 in Serie C (2-1 in Gorgonzola with Giana Erminio) and in 2021 among the cadets (2-0 in Salerno with Salernitana).

The second home victory of the series, dated 2019, should not be forgotten: Tesser’s boys, when they were in command of the Lega Pro, stretched Albinoleffe 1-0 thanks to a penalty converted by Berrettoni, current ds of the lizards. A very thick poker, which testifies to the good feeling of the city team with the first engagement of the calendar year.

The draws refer to 2017, 2018 and 2020: the first two were achieved at home and in Serie C respectively with Mantua (0-0) and Fano (0-0), while the one two years ago is linked to the “famous ”2-2 at the Frosinone Stirpe, with the controversy concerning the penalty not granted to the lizards due to a foul by Brighenti on Gavazzi. The group, also coached by Tesser at the time, had an excellent performance and deserved more than the point taken home.

Tomorrow the match against Lecce, with Pordenone’s hope of renewing the positive tradition. In this regard, the lizards have never lost even with the Salento. They won the Italian Cup match in August 2017 – 3-2, a success that opened the doors to the match in Cagliari – and drew both matches last season: 0-0 at Via del Mare and 1-1 at Teghil (the latter was the first race without Diaw, sold to Monza).

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