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The president of Coni Fvg: “Long live the medalists, but I applaud all the athletes”

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Brandolin outlines the balance of the Italian Olympic expedition and that of the Fvg “These results say that the autonomy of sport is sacred and should not be touched by politics”

UDINE. “Long live our three medalists, but I applaud all 17 athletes from our region who went to the Olympics.” The president of Coni Fvg Giorgio Brandolin does not make any rankings, who in these two weeks has been enthusiastic in front of the TV to follow the Azzurri in Tokyo 2020.

President, it was an exciting Olympics.

“True. President Malagò and the federations must be acknowledged for having set up an expedition that has thrilled and excited me. I have seen so many beautiful youth, I have heard beautiful words with medals dedicated to grandparents. And then in a moment in which the relationship between sport and politics is difficult, there was the demonstration that the autonomy of Coni is fundamental. If we have a model that works why change it? Many want to do it: Giorgetti and the 5 Stars, the League and unfortunately also the Democratic Party ».

A contribution of three medals arrived from Friuli Venezia Giulia.
«We brought 17 out of 384 athletes, a figure that demonstrates the health of regional sport. And the merit above all of the technicians ».

Are you thinking of some awards for Fvg athletes?
«After the end of the Paralympics which will be held at the end of August together with President Fedriga we intend to receive all our athletes. We have to choose the location: it could be the Palazzo della Regione in Udine which is large and would allow us to maintain the distance in the period of Covid. In this case I would like to emphasize that politics has been and is close to sport ».

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Is there a race that particularly excited you?
«I have always been a football lover and the victory in the European Championship has thrilled me, but what I felt for the triumph of the 4×100 relay is a unique feeling. I had Professor Colle as a physical education teacher and I won the 4x100m at the student championships in 1968 by running the third stage, so I have an idea what we are talking about. It was a real feat and then allow me: beating the English in that way was a real pleasure ».

Your wish for the next Olympics?
«No, forget it, these are just finished. Rather, I hope these results ignite the enthusiasm of the children. Young people today prefer to sit on the sofa playing the play-station or connected to the Internet and instead would do well to go to a gym or to a field ».

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