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The three from Belluno away L’Alpago is looking for the first hurray but suffers some absence

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The three Belluno teams from the C rugby scene are away. Alpago goes down to Villorba in search of the first victory of the season, while Feltre and Belluno go to visit Bassano and Oderzo respectively.

For the latter two, the goal is to win to consolidate their first place in the group they belong to.

Sporting director Giovanni Calvi is optimistic about Villorba’s away match: «We expect to have a good match, after which the idea is to get down to them and win. After the last two disappointing performances we hope to bring home the full loot, convincing on the game and finishing, ie taking home points. This is what we missed a bit against Oderzo, against whom we spent 70 minutes in attack without scoring ». Unfortunately there could be some training problems: «We have some guys still in trouble at the moment, however we hope to have them more or less all at least available. It is not yet known whether the starting line-up will be the best possible because some defections are possible. Alzetta and Facchin return, but Vaina remains unavailable ».

Feltre goes down to Bassano to confirm leadership, as confirmed by president Paolo Aspodello: «We have met the Vicentini in the last five championships more than ten times, so we know them well. We have to be very careful: this is a fundamental game, if we win we will be first in the standings. We probably would be even if we didn’t win. We try to finish this first phase and then we will have to meet the second of the Belluno group which should be the Oderzo ». Feltre should be fully booked: «It should only be checked whether Fidel Bellumat will recover, who has taken a hit. For the rest we have no problems. Four boys have returned and we have the opportunity to draw from the under 19 tank, of absolute quality ».

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Captain Alberto De Polo, who became a father a few weeks ago, considers Oderzo’s away match to be very important: «We are first in the standings with the opitergini. It does not risk being the game of the season, given that the passage of the round is assured. In the event that we are defeated by Oderzo and Feltre wins with Bassano, there could already be the atmosphere of the derby in the second phase. It is clear that we are aiming to go to Oderzo to win and close the issue. The fifteenth opitergino does not scare us, if we play as we know, I think there will be no problems ». The Belluno will not be full due to the absences of Lunardon, Casol; some players could however re-enter. –

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