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The Udinese players targeted by the fans: “No final greetings, we want an apology”

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Press releases of the AUC and the Autonomi after the knockout of Empoli. “Inconceivable attitudes, it was a humiliation”

UDINE. And in the end, even the most loyal fans lost their patience. The defeat of Empoli, due to the ways in which it arrived, was not accepted by the Juventus fans, but above all they did not like the behavior at the end of the match.

No player has approached the guest sector where around a hundred Juventus supporters were crowded and in one working day they “syruped” something like a thousand kilometers.

At the end of the match against Genoa, whistles had rained from the stands, the usual chorus had started in Empoli inviting the team to bring out the attributes, a concept then expressed at the end of the match in an even more colorful way by Samir in front of the cameras.

Already late on Monday evening the Autonomous clubs had expressed their discontent with the following statement: “We express all our disappointment for the team’s behavior, on the occasion of the Empoli-Udinese match, when no player showed up at the end of the match. under the curve of the sector intended for Juventus fans – they write -. Leaving aside the poor performance seen on the pitch (not only this time), it would be appropriate and also necessary to show face to those who, in a working day, take on a thousand kilometers to follow and support the team.

The autonomous clubs therefore urge the captain and the club to apologize to their fans for this unspeakable lack ». Signed: Udinese autonomous clubs.

The self-employed are calling into question the team and the club, something that the AUC does not do, which only points the finger at players and technical staff.

«In Empoli – read on the AUC Facebook page – we witnessed a pitiless and disheartening second half and it is not the first by our Udinese.

These attitudes are inconceivable and mainly involve the technical staff and the players who, after the humiliating match whose result is even close to the opposing team, did not even feel the need to greet our fans present in the stands on a weekday. of a cold December evening hundreds and hundreds of kilometers from home ».

«The pride of the Friulian people – concludes the AUC – cannot be hurt with such behavior. We therefore ask for the due apologies of the parties involved with the promise that certain unfortunate situations should never happen again ». Signed: the AUC board and the president Giuseppe Marcon.

In both cases, the disappointment with the results seems evident, but also a little frustration for an attitude that has always been repeated over time.

The coaches have changed for seven years, but the product, even with a team that has been improved in the last two seasons, remains the same. Obviously there is not only a technical responsibility, but a philosophy that no longer works.

And now the very complicated match is looming on the horizon with Milan first in the standings after the match against Liverpool. One wonders in what spirit the Udinese fans will go to Friuli on Saturday evening. of Empoli. In some way, however, it will be necessary to mend because before everything there is the good of Udinese, that is the permanence in Serie A.

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