Home Sports The Varzi races crown the provincial champions 2021 Here are the winners and placings

The Varzi races crown the provincial champions 2021 Here are the winners and placings

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Two provincial cyclocross titles at Croce Verde Pavese with supergentlemen Antonio Marconi (group B) and Carmelo Belcastro (group A); two at the Staffora Triathlon with the gentleman1 Fausto Crosina and the gentleman-2 Franco Stefano; a title each at Sant’Angelo with Alberto Fossati among the veterans-2, at Gc Varzi with Claudio Gandini among the seniors-2 and at the Oltrepo Riders Stradella with Riccardo Buscone among the seniors-1: this is the final verdict of the championships, after the Godiasco and Varzi races (in the Ponte dei Sospiri area), organized by Gc Varzi and Staffora Triathlon.

Massimo Bonetti, senior-2 of RCR Lodi and off-road specialist, repeated Godiasco’s success in the race for the youth bracket, leaving behind Federico Fossati (Team Olubra) from Piacenza and Claudio Gandini (Gc Varzi) from Voghera. Other people from Pavia are also in the top ten: Alberti Fossati del Sant’Angelo in fourth place, Luca Dalla Pietà del Varzi fifth and Gianluca Benzi (Media Bike Sannazzaro) seventh. In the opening test of the day for supergentleman and gentleman, victory with arms raised for the Turin-born Vincenzo Crivellari, gentleman-1 of Bike Santena; according to the same age Davide Pignone from Colline Oltrepo; fifth Fausto Crosina of Staffora Triathlon and sixth Carmelo Belcastro of the Croce Verde Pavese team. –


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