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Thorsten Fink and Hein Vanhaezebrouck after STVV-AA Gent

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“We didn’t start well with our pressing system, which is known,” explained Thorsten Fink. “We did better after coffee. Our second half was actually quite okay. Ultimately, Ghent deserves the qualification. They really had great chances of making it 0-2. That I changed six players? I don’t think they did too bad. We need them all in the remainder of our season, I can use all our strengths. Sinterklaas did not give us any gifts on December 6. On to Leuven. (Grin) They played 120 minutes, not bad for us.”


Hein Vanhaezebrouck: “Very happy that there were no extensions”

“STVV was already top against us at the beginning of the season,” said the Ghent coach. “They are a tough opponent. Fortunately, we started better than in the competition. I immediately saw focus and we went all out in the matches, although Koita could certainly have equalized just before half time. We created big chances after half-time and we absolutely should have finished there. The goalkeeper did well. Then you know that STVV will still come. Barnes got the chance. Extensions, that would have been quite a task. I’m glad that extra time didn’t happen.”(gus)

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