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TikTok, is a music streaming service also coming? – Magazine

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TikTok, is a music streaming service also coming?  – Magazine

Not just Instagram, TikTok is ready to challenge Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music as well. The Chinese company, as told by the American portal Business Insider, has registered a new brand with an emblematic name with the US patent office: TikTok Music. As can be read in the official description provided to the American authorities, the platform, among other things, will be used to buy, play, share and download music, songs, albums, lyrics. The TikTok Music patent in detail Going deeper into the Chinese company’s request, registered on May 9, 2022 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we read that TikTok Music will be used to manage “downloadable mobile applications for cell phones and tablets that allow users to buy, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics, quotes, create, recommend, share its playlists, lyrics, quotes, take, edit and upload photos as a programming cover in the entertainment field, fashion, sport and current events; downloadable mobile applications that provide podcasts and radio content; downloadable mobile applications with karaoke function ”. A description that leaves little doubt: TikTok is ready to enter the music streaming market. Even if the timing for the launch of the service is not known at the moment. The challenge to Spotify and other platforms The huge amount of users who could migrate from TikTok to the new music platform certainly raises the alert status in other companies that make music streaming their core business, such as Spotify. But also in other companies that focus on music to diversify and integrate their offer, such as Apple and Amazon. If the real problems for Instagram and Meta began with the arrival of TikTok on the social network scene, surely the news does not bode well for all the other competitors. …

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