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Transfer market, between Rome and Zaniolo there is no agreement on the renewal

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Transfer market, between Rome and Zaniolo there is no agreement on the renewal

The meeting between Pinto and Vigorelli did not lead to real results. The bianconeri would offer 25-28 million and one between Arthur and McKennie

It really risks becoming the summer catchphrase, if it isn’t already, in some ways. But yesterday’s face-to-face (double) between Tiago Pinto and Claudio Vigorelli did not lead anywhere. On the bench there was obviously the future of Nicolò Zaniolo, a future that still remains in the balance and uncertain. Yesterday, in fact, nothing new came out of the two meetings. One could say an interlocutory session, but the truth is that between Zaniolo and Roma the temperature cruet tends more and more downwards. We are not yet completely frozen, certainly it tends quickly towards the great cold. Because even if the relations between Tiago Pinto and Vigorelli (Nicolò’s agent) are very good, the reality is that the situation is stalled. And not since yesterday, which is inevitably ending up increasing the gap between the two sides, also fraying the previous relationships.


Rome has long since entered the perspective of ideas to separate from Zaniolo (also for fair-play needs), Trigoria is only expecting the right offer to arrive. The problem, however, is that that hidden offer never arrived and who knows if it will really arrive. Because Roma continue to ask for at least 60 million euros (also considering that 15% of the sale will have to be turned over to Inter for the agreements signed in 2018) and knowing that evaluation, many clubs stop much earlier. In short, today Zaniolo is valued by the market between 35 and 40 million, a figure however not considered adequate by the Friedkin and Pinto. Yesterday the Giallorossi gm in Milan also met with Milan (having lunch with Massara), one of the clubs interested in the future of the Giallorossi, but not 60 million. Exactly like Juventus, which however would be ready to present an offer of 25-28 million cash plus one between Arthur and McKennie, an offer that Roma could also think about. Although Pinto’s goal is to hunt for money, especially those of the Premier: the very rich Newcastle has been on Nicolò for some time, but yesterday Pinto also met with Paratici, officially to talk about the Welsh defender Rodon, even if Zaniolo Tottenham have liked it for a long time.

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So what to do? Wait. And hope. Also because yesterday Pinto reiterated to Vigorelli the fact that for now there is no mention of contract renewal, considering that the player has an agreement with Roma until 2024. Zaniolo today earns 2.6 million euros per season and has long been aspiring to have a richer contract, worth 4 million (plus bonuses), a figure that clearly increased after the goal that allowed Roma to win the Conference League. His entourage of him, among other things, makes a very simple reasoning: if Roma values ​​him at least 60 million euros it means that he considers him a top-player and then he should be made a contract adequate to the estimate of the value that is given. The great cold at this time also arises from this, from considerations and considerations that are profoundly different between the two parties.


What if the right offer doesn’t arrive? Then Roma would be almost forced to remake a contract with Zaniolo, even if they wanted to separate from him in the coming months. Entering the penultimate year of the contract, in fact, the player without a renewal would risk losing value every day a little more. A situation that Rome cannot afford to experience in the coming months. This scenario, however, would in fact be an armistice, the choice to go forward together but without great conviction on both sides. In all this, of course, Mourinho would like to have definitive news, in one sense or another, so as not to leave in ten days already with a problem to be solved at home. The great cold, in short, is getting closer and closer.

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