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trekking between the lagoon and protected areas

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trekking between the lagoon and protected areas

For these excursions in Lignano Sabbiadoro, little is needed: backpack on your shoulders, trekking poles and the desire for a deep connection with nature. A connection that in the Friulian peninsula nestled between the Marano Lagoon, the Tagliamento river and the Upper Adriatic, can be found extremely easily, especially in this season: thanks to a luxuriant flora and fauna and its three waters, fresh and brackish and marina, you can listen to the sensations that the surrounding landscape can evoke, trekking along the most evocative paths.

5 excursions in Lignano Sabbiadoro: trekking between the lagoon and protected areas

Paths suitable for everyone, such as “Il Cammino del Pensiero”, “La via dell’Alba”, “Nel Profumo di Resina”, “Along the Fresh Water” and “Nei Colori del Tramonto”, can prove to be a real workout for body and mind, releasing positive emotions and feelings.

1 The path of thought

Thanks to the Cammino del Pensiero, which winds through the Lignano Riviera area, it is possible to relax by combining walking and nature. It is a route surrounded by greenery, where nature with its sounds is the protagonist. The route develops along the “Calli”, the streets dedicated to figures from the world of music and art such as Bach, Rembrandt, Molière, Mozart or Beethoven. The route can be taken from various points on the Riviera, proceeding from the interior towards the sea and vice versa, or entering the pine forest and the gardens, following it transversally.

During this walk you can admire the modern church dedicated to SS. Ermacora and Fortunato, patron saints of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, which appears airy, completely open and inserted into the surrounding greenery, thanks to the polygonal glass walls and the light architecture of the roof and portico which recall a biblical tent. It is then possible to see various animal species that find their home on this path, for example the great spotted woodpecker, the red squirrel and the jays.

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2. The Way of the Dawn

The Via dell’Alba route starts from the port that connects the sea to the lagoon, in the Piazzetta Gregorutti area, from where you can see the 2 lighthouses of Lignano Sabbiadoro. The route winds near the seafront where Villa Zuzzi, also known as Villino Zuzzi, is located, the most refined Art Nouveau building in the city and, a few steps further on, you can admire Piazza Fontana, one of the focal points of the Lignano nightlife. Further on you reach the San Giovanni Bosco Park, which opens between the sea and the Duomo, the main religious building in Lignano. Today it is admired for the bold spire of the bell tower and for the sinuous architecture which recalls, in the roof and side walls, the slight swelling of sails and tents.

Continuing along the seafront with your gaze captivated by the glimmer of the sea, reflected by the intense light of the sun, near Office 16 you come across the bar where the master of Italian noir Giorgio Scerbanenco sought inspiration for his stories. The route then ends at Office 19 where the seafront connects to the Pine Forest.

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3. In the scent of resin

For those who want to walk totally immersed in the greenery, the Nel Profumo di Resina route is right for you, a route accessible to all that starts in the final part of the seafront. From here it is possible to start your walk towards the pine forest, skirting the sand dunes on one side and admiring the clock tower of the old marine colony on the other. We proceed at a trekking pace among majestic pines, shrubs and ferns, inebriated by the intense scent of resin. In this green oasis it is easy to spot various species of birds, including magpies, wood pigeons and doves, and with a bit of luck even some red foxes.

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You understand that you have reached the end of this journey as soon as you see the small church of Santa Maria del Mare with its 15th century frescoes, faithfully moved here in the mid-60s from its original location along the banks of the Tagliamento river to preserve it from the fury of the floods.

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4. Along the Fresh Water

The Lungo l’Acqua Dolce route starts from the Lignano Riviera water pump and follows the Tagliamento river up towards the Bevazzana Canal, the ancient Venetian coastal road that separates Lignano from the hinterland. Here you find yourself faced with an almost uncontaminated natural environment, where fresh water meets salt water following the tides. Once you reach the end of the path, you can admire the swing bridge and the locks which, operated according to specific timetables, allow passage from the Venetian coastal canal to the Tagliamento river.

Just beyond the bridge, you find yourself in the place where the ancient church of Santa Maria with the adjoining monastery originally stood, probably on the site of an early Christian oratory and directly on the left bank of the river.

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5. In the Colors of Sunset

For those who love the colors and shades that only the sunset can offer, especially in this season, the most evocative route is Nei Colori del Tramonto. The starting point to follow it is the “Porto Vecchio” dock: from here you follow the embankment of the lagoon, the undisputed kingdom of ducks, mallards, swans and the gray heron, which with the reflections of the setting sun seem like shadows suspended over the water.

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On this path you can regenerate yourself and enjoy the unique and typical views of the lagoon, seeing in the distance the silhouettes of some Casone, the ancient fishermen’s homes with the characteristic sloping roofs that make the moment before nightfall even more enchanting. The view extends as far as the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia which appear on the horizon like in a painting.

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