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Trento makes two at Zugni but the Dolomiti Bellunesi makes a good impression

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The Belluno Dolomites lined up yesterday at Zugni

Guests of a higher category score a goal per half but especially in the second half the Belluno people keep up the pace

The Dolomite derby is from Trento. As expected, the little eagles, with an extra category, more experience and more advanced preparation, impose themselves on a willing Dolomiti Bellunesi in the second friendly test, the first really convincing.

The eleven of Parlato imposes itself with an English score: Belcastro opens in the middle of the first half, Chinellato closes in the final match. Lauria’s team, despite a phase of physical load, does not look bad and, especially in the second half, tries to worry the thirty goal.

All this in a Zugni Tauro with a good audience frame, a sign that the new team is slowly making a breakthrough in Feltre too.

Mister Lauria continues on the path of the tried and tested 3-4-1-2: compared to the exit with the Agordina some interpreters change, but the framework is drawn.

Between the posts is Masut, the three central defenders are Petdji, Teso and Mosca. At full range Gjoshi and Toniolo (recovered in extremis) play, Onescu and De Carli act in the middle. Posocco is positioned on the trocar, supporting the De Paoli and Corbanese points.

The Trentino coach Parlato, eight days after his debut in the first round of the Serie C Italian Cup – already a dry match – against Triestina at the prestigious “Nereo Rocco”, tries the starting line-up, fielding it with a 3-5-1- 1.

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Dolomiti Bellunesi in the field with pink jersey and black shorts, Trento in white suit. The first ring, at 2 ‘, is from the hosts: De Carli calls Cazzaro into question. With the passing of the minutes the guests take the ball in the game, catching the advantage net in the 25th minute: Osuji wedges himself in the local defense but finds no outlets, the ball remains loose, the rushing Belcastro with a surgical low shot bags into the corner bottom to the right of the goalkeeper. A minute later the number 10 from Trentino touches an encore, with Masut coming out of the poles risking a little.

And at 28 ‘Caporali from the right brush for the imprecise gore of Barbuti. After the refreshment break, the eagle striker nearly scored twice: in the 34th minute he hits the goalpost with a shot from a tight angle, in the 35th minute Masut jumps but then Petdji saves on the goal line.

The Belluno replica arrives in the 39th minute: a tempting opportunity for Corbanese, but the shot is dampened and Cazzaro blocks easy. Before the end of the fraction, Masut suffers a blow to the ankle; you choose not to force, space for Canova. There is still time to see a fine dribble from Belcastro, then Ardau sends everyone to the locker room.

In the second half we witness the swirl of changes typical of summer friendlies. Spoken introduces fresh forces gradually, Lauria tries Posocco on the left wing and makes Toffoli debut forward. The substitutions must break up the pace of a match already conditioned by the great August heat.

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Initially, Trento still manages the operations. Between 49 ‘and 51’ Bigica reaches shooting on two occasions: on the second, Canova’s shot from the kidneys is applause. Little by little, spaces begin to open up for bees toollunesi: Corbanese especially takes advantage of it, always on the pitch like Petdji, Teso and De Carli.

The captain and bomber in the 58th minute touches the goal with a diagonal, while in the 77th minute he tries the squash on a precise cross from Petdji’s right.

To find the net, however, is the team in the white jersey: at 89 ‘from the right Caporali serves a chocolate for Chinellato, who cuts at the near post and scores with a perfect diving header.


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