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Treviso Basket wins the derby: Reyer defeated 80-76, party at Palaverde

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Venice surrenders to the solid test of Nutribullet, with a sumptuous Sims: double double from 14 + 13

VILLORBA. Great. Extraordinary. Amazing. And you can put other adjectives of your choice. Treviso also spikes Reyer with the strength of a granite defense and very strong nerves: a formidable test of maturity for a team that has sprung up like a mushroom, whose limits are not yet glimpsed, given that it is still doing without its captain and where, above all, the margins for improvement are clear. “A team success, a defense and a game system in which everyone feels involved”, declares Denis Marconato, one who has experienced some derby.

And let’s not call it a surprise: the terrible freshman and a scudetto contender do not fight by chance: and let’s face it, TvB, even with all possible humility, is studying when he grows up. And so far the results are, let’s say, encouraging.

The start is creepy: despite Menetti’s recommendations, his team lost two in 38 ”, but then Sims opened fire (three times): his were the first 7 of TvB. With Dimsa’s first bomb we are 12-7, it’s 5 ‘. Casarin enters in the 7th minute (De Nicolao faces him), just before the technician to De Raffaele who yields an interesting 23-12 with Jones’s 2 + 1 and Bortolani’s basket. Reyer in the fourth quarter final is stunned, against the aggressive defense of Menetti she cannot reason: De Raffaele tries almost all those from the bench, only Daye responds with 5 points. But Nutribullet starts the second quarter with 0/4 and Venice obviously takes advantage of it: -6. A glaring background of Sanders (with steps) transformed into Russell’s foul gives further breath to the grenade and to a Palaverde already in total boiling.

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The Umana, albeit with difficulty, gets closer, with Treviso who in almost 5 minutes scores only 2 (Akele) and with Russell who is more confusing than anything else. Luckily Sims is there, what a duel with Watt. But here scores and averages inevitably cool down, there is a battle on every ball, the (real) derby is this. For better or worse Treviso remains in front in a disheveled and tense quarter, which ends 8-16. The match starts to flare up again at the start of the second half: as far as ours are running, even Venice struggles to keep up with them: at 4 ‘it is already +10 with a 14-6. It ‘s just obvious that to sink a team like Reyer it takes more, also because Sims makes the third foul before the 24’ and Jones, at least it is not the same thing. However you look at it it’s a great match. Dimsa starts bombing and Russell plays the Russell: at 26 ‘, however, the gondola slowly begins to take on water: TvB produces great basketball in both halves, touches +14 with one of the two ex, Akele.

Reyer, seeing that she hardly sees her in the area, finds oxygen only from the outside, see De Nicolao, very precise. A few faults less and Treviso would be perfect, instead so Umana tries to recover: a pair of flares from Soko rejects her: at 32 ‘there is the maximum advantage, +17 but yes, with Casarin and Russell. But the road is still long and arduous, the confirmation comes from the bombs of De Nicolao and above all Tonut. Reyer in the press zone tries to re-emerge but always from a distance: -7 at 36 ‘with the fourth foul by Russell. A TvB is the arm and let alone if the lagoon marpioni (who are fouled at each opponent’s touch …) are not ready to take advantage of it. At 38 ‘it is +5 and then come on, let’s see who has the strongest nerves. Treviso feels the finish line approaching but, like Dorando Pietri, it trudges, stumbles.

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Last minute on +4. Reyer fails three times (Daye the triple of -1) then Russell is fouled but the bonus runs out of Stone on Soko at -31 “: he puts one. +5. Philip slips it from three then to -19 ”Daye sacrifices himself by sending Akele to the bezel on +2: Nicola da Montebelluna puts them both. And Vitali’s desperate triple goes out into thin air. Two time outs will follow in the last 4 ”: the goal difference, you see never. The reality is that Treviso has also killed one of the queens of the championship. And if it’s a dream don’t wake us up.

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